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Best PvP Defenders
Thank you very much for reading, Steven! I'm glad you enjoyed the topic.

The Wyvern and Nightgaunt Fighters pose a unique threat. In my experience, they are more annoying than dangerous, however. There are two major strategies when comes to using these Fighters as PvP Defenders: 1) low-life staller & 2) high-life hitter. The first option uses these Defenders un--leveled and weak - easy to kill. This strategy makes it easy to accidentally kill the Defenders by moving gems to essentially waste turns to eliminate the time drain, if you plan to wait it out. The second strategy relies on highly-leveled Defenders, and usually an Egyptian God Boss. Having these Defenders leveled up highly will make their attacks stronger. This will also increase the damage dealt from Extra Hits from the Boss. This strategy can make it a little difficult for some offensive teams to survive Extra Hits while waiting out the time drain. This method forces the attacker's hand to kill the Defender while the time drain is still in effect or risk being killed by an Extra Hit.

In my experience, a single Wyvern or Nightguant Defender is little more than a slight annoyance & can easily be wasted - one time drain will not have much impact on a skilled player. Multiples of these Defenders back-to-back can be troublesome sometimes when paired with Extra Hit, but they are still not a solid line of Defence against many offensive teams. All they really seem to do is slow the match down a little bit. But that is in only based on my experience in Champions League, I'm sure that in the lower Leagues these Defends can be quite difficult to deal with, and could make useful Defenders. The design behind these Defenders is interesting and unique, & I like the concept.

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