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Deceptive hot fest
The machine is hot. It says catch the NEW Japanese legendaries. The picture shows the NEW Japanese legendaries. So I roll because I like the NEW Japanese legendaries. I got raijin, Tengu, and Ameratsu. Which are the OLD Japanese legendaries and are completely useless garbage that should be removed from the rare machine completely.
I think it's got to be a mistake. I rolled Ameratsu, my alt rolled raijin. I sincerely hope they wouldn't switch the fests on purpose or advertise it the way they did to deceive.. The original kamikaze set are considerably less desirable and unpopular than the new converter set. But some people do like them.

I just find them very unreliable captains as a few healing gems leave you defenseless and destroy your attack quality. Plus you're defenseless until you can get a bit of dmg going so they aren't much good in pvp. But susanoo and tengu are good against multi hit . That being said, I would not have bothered rolling if I knew they were featured.
No Joy this was not a mistake, this is clear cut advertisement fraud. They started the fest early with an extremely desirable legendary set advertised. But the actual set weighted for the fest is pretty universally regarded as the worst garbage set released.

Tomorrow they will "realize their mistake" and switch it over but only after players have blown all their diamonds on the crap fighters and will have to buy more to go after the good ones.

Time for me to draft a complaint to the better business bureau.

It's a shame because the product is great if they would just treat their players better!

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