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Continued Support
Dear Skydom Development team,

A few weeks ago, we heard that Alex was leaving your team, and he was to my knowledge the most responsive dev to our requests.
Since, I cannot help but to notice that the wiki is not being updated (new Hindus pages are in-progress, the new alien mythical are not listed yet), and from my limited contact list, I believe that no question from the support section has been answered in a few weeks. The report of the "false fest" last weekend, where old Japanese gods were Erwan instead of the new one advertised, has remained unanswered also. That does make a lot of us weary about the future of this game, and, subsequently, the value in investing into more diamonds to keep evolving our accounts.

Could you please provide us with some details and reassurance regarding your transition to a new team (if that is the case), and the changes you plan on bringing to the game?

Thank you,
EpsylonZ, a knight who says Ni.
Yes please! I really hate being in the dark.
We love this game. We'd love to have reliable, quality support and communication with the powers that be.
Yeah - I wait since 4 Weeks on the Answer!

Thats bad Service, no reaction, no updates... thats destroy the Game!!
Work hard - will be better!
Let's continue this discussion here:
I'd like to stay on this topic. I am not talking about a strike here, only to establish the line of communication that has been severed.
Hello, Cyriaque! I am the acting Forum Supervisor here. I am here to maintain the Skydoms Forum & to assist its users. If you - or anyone else - has any Forum related requests, concerns, needs, or questions, please let me know! I will be happy to assist, & I will do my best to address your needs. While I can't provide anyone with direct in-game support, I am here on the Forum to do what I can for the community.

I know this does not answer all of your questions above, but I'm here to continue Forum support, and keeping the Forum alive!
Thank you Quinn,

So I understand that this forum is indépendant from the development team. How do you advise we get in contact with them?

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