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Clan strike on Saturday
Hi all. Was curious about all of the talk I'm seeing regarding a possible clan strike on Saturday. From what I gather, a lot of the clans will be not be logging on for the weekend starting on Friday night at midnight. They won't register for clan wars, spend diamonds and more importantly won't be buying any diamonds at all this weekend.

From all I've seen, this is an attempt to get the developers and support staff to (as it has been phrased) pull their heads out of their butts. The players are tired of the lack of support, the constant nerfing of fighters, the lack of updates on the wiki and the sad layout of this forum, what is considered the poor drop rates of needed evolution material - both on the daily island and the swamps, and the jacked up drop rate in the rare machine.

From what I've seen, there is a lot of basis behind their complaints. When Alex was around, I always had my in-support questions answered. He even added me to the beta, but since their hasn't been any beta releases for iPhone, then I haven't beta supported a darn thing.

Regarding the nerfing of fighters, I myself saw my Scarecrow go tit-less. He only stuns one fighter, yet his description says he stuns "fighters".

There are a lot of changes that need to be addressed. I've got a stack of fighters sitting in PVP that are totally useless because "all of a sudden" the game went to bi-color fighters with actual pvp skills. I haven't dropped a new fighter in PVP, since I dropped envy in there. Can't bring myself to loose another fighter to just sit around on my pvp page doing nothing at all, except take up space.

Regarding the updates on the wiki page - it is apparent. It's in moth balls, but so is the facebook page. Would you believe that I looked at the Thursday island and it doesn't even show the third level. Was looking at the drop rates for the perfect gem. Saw it once on level 3 out of about 6 tries, so I went to level 2 to try and get some. Out of 8 attempts so far, I have one perfect gem.

This forum - while I do enjoy the forum and I appreciate Quinn's activity - it needs to be setup much better. I ran a warez forum for over 20 years with 100's of thousands of members and this forum would have already been dead. Not hard to look at the suggestions to see what could improve it. I can start listing them, but Quinn is only one person and from what I have seen doesn't have the access to fix what needs to be done.

As far as drop rates - I mentioned the perfect gem. I've seen many complaints about the swamp drops. And to be perfectly honest, I haven't used the rare machine in weeks. I got tired of getting level 3 players that I could have gotten on the normal levels.

But anyhow - want to know if there is substance to the planned strike. Not that the developers would notice anyhow. I'm thinking the game went stagnate with the loss of Alex.
I'm logging out now, my clan mates will do the same. Even if it's not the developers that has caused all this degradation (rumors?) in the game someone needs to respond to the players, this strike might make Etermax to take action..
Or kill it off completely.. So cheers and I might see you ingame in a few days
Well, don't you worry about spending gems on the machines. They must have added glitch warriors as a fest or something because opening the machines instantly crashes the app.
Not to worry - at the rate things are updated - we should find out who these new fighters were in about 5 months or so.. How do they really expect someone to participate in their "fests", when they don't even have information about the fighters that they just added...

Alex is greatly missed..

Starting to wonder if I'm going to even log in at the end of the strike..

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