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Stun vs. Sleep
Hello, all! Quinn here. I would like to talk about Stun versus Sleep. These two status effects are very different from one another, but they can both be used as a stalling method, & they each have their own strengths & weaknesses. This little write-up is intended to be a guide to using the Stun & Sleep Skills, & answer questions on how they work, & clear some doubts about how they interact.

Let’s start with Stun…
There are a few Fighters in the game that have the ability to Stun foes, either a single target or multiple enemies at one time. Stunning an enemy can be very useful, & it can buy the player some much needed time; time that could allow them to heal back lost life or generate some Energy for Active Skills. So, how does Stunning work?

When a player uses an Active Skill to Stun an enemy, that enemy will show an hourglass symbol at the right-hand side of their life bar. This hourglass symbol indicates that the monster is currently Stunned. Enemies cannot be Stunned if they are already Stunned, meaning that the Stun Skill does not stack.

At the left-hand side of the enemy’s life bar a turn timer indicator is displayed, shown as a numerical value such as 2 or 3. This number indicates the turns left before that enemy will perform an attack. Stunning an enemy will increase this value, delaying the enemy’s attack by a number of turns; the number of turns the enemy is Stunned depends on the Stun Skill that has been used.

While Stunned, a creature will not perform an attack, but only for the duration of the Stun – once the Stun has ended, the enemy will attack. Stunning is a stalling technique, keeping enemies from attacking for a time. This will gift the player with a lull in the battle, allow for them to take some time to perform other acts. Stunning can be useful to take a turn for healing, or for generating much-needed Energy, without being under constant attack. Stunning an enemy will also give the player more time to eliminate unneeded Gems, or to bring other Gems down to the board, such as Energy Gems. The Stun status will not be interrupted by attacks, allowing the player to bombard the enemy, without the threat of the enemy attacking back.

Another benefit to Stunning is, it will prevent PvP enemies from using PvP Sills! This only works, however, on attack-based PvP Skills, such as Critical Hit, Multi-hit, Confusion, Double Hit, Great Stun, or Charm. A creature that is Stunned will not attack, & therefore it cannot use its Skills that trigger when the Defender attacks. Stun will not, however, prevent Skills such as Extra Hit. An Extra Hit can still be activated even when the Defender is Stunned. Passive PvP Skills such as Inner Match & - of course - Anti-Stun are also unaffected by Stun.

In addition to Fighters with Stun Active Skills, there are also many Fighters with Stunning Passive Skills as well. Daze is a Passive Stun Skill posses by many Fighters, including: Thor, Artemis, Legendary Phoenix, Beowulf, Zeus, Scorpio, Growler, the Gate Golems, & many others. The Daze Passive Skill will Stun a target enemy for 1 turn. As mentioned at the beginning of this thread, Stun effects do not stack; this rule holds true for passive Stuns as well. If a Daze Passive Skills is activated on an already Stunned monster, it will have no effect, since that monster is already Stunned - it will not add another turn to the attack timer. The same works in reverse, the player cannot use a Stun Active Skill on a monster that is currently affected by a Daze Stun.

So, what about Sleep?...
Sleep is similar to Stun, as it is another stalling Active Skill that prevents enemies from attacking; it is, however, very different from Stun.

When the player uses a Sleep Skills, a crescent moon icon will be displayed at the left-hand side of the enemy’s life bar. This indicates that the enemy is Sleeping. Just like Stun, Sleep prevents an enemy from performing an attack. But, unlike Stun, Sleep has no turn duration limit. When a player uses Sleep, the attack timer of the enemy disappears & is replaced by the Sleep symbol. An enemy will Sleep indefinitely… Well… until the player wakes it up!

Sleep, unlike Stun, does not have a turn duration. But, it can also be interrupted. Sleep will only remain active until that enemy receives an attack. Once that enemy takes damage, it wakes up & will immediately attack. This limits the usefulness of Sleep, as it can be very easy to accidentally match attacking Gems while trying to perform other acts. Keep this in mind when using Sleep.

It is important to note that Sleep will be interrupted the moment an enemy receives damage - damage from any source, not only attacks. Player Fighter attacks will wake a Sleeping enemy, but any poison effect will also interrupt Sleep. Using a poison Active Skill on a Sleeping foe will cause it to wake, as soon as the poison becomes active. If a monster is under the effects of a poison Skill & that monster is put to Sleep, that monster will wake the moment the poison damage is incurred. So it is probably a bad idea to put a poisoned creature to Sleep. Damage of any kind will wake a Sleeping monster, so tread lightly!

When using Sleep Skills, it can be beneficial to use the enemy targeting function to select the monster you wish to Sleep, as well as the monster you wish to attack. This will give the player some flexibility when facing multiple enemies at once. The player may Sleep one opponent, & target a different opponent to attack. This will allow the player to fight one enemy at a time, leaving the other enemy to Sleep the day away!

Sleep, like Stun, will cause the enemy to forfeit any Skills it might use when attacking. Sleep will also work on enemies that have Anti-stun, such as Pride, Envy, & many of the Nomads.

When using Sleep & Stun Active Skills on the same team, it is important to note that Sleep will interrupt Stun, but Stun will have no impact on an enemy that is Sleeping. What? What I mean is, if a foe is Stunned, the player may also put that foe to Sleep. However, the Sleep skill will remove the attack timer, causing the Stun effect to deactivate. &, if a foe is Sleeping & the player Stuns it, it will have no effect, as the Sleep Skill has nullified the attack timer.

One unique Sleep Skill possessed by the Egyptian Gods II (Bastet, Horus, Khnum, etc.) is called Dream Heal. This Skill is a two-in-one Active Skill that will Sleep an enemy as well as grant the player a few turns of passive healing. This Skill can be helpful for getting out of difficult situations & gain some life, but it is very expensive & can be difficult to use.

Here are some Fighters that use Stun or Sleep Skills:

Royal Imp



I hope that helps clear up some questions about Stun & Sleep! Thank you for reading! Please leave any comments, feedback, or questions below.
You can add to sleep: Toth,Khepri,Khnum,Horus.
poisons will interrupt sleep. Medusas poison random can make it hard to take advantage of dream heal.
(11-22-2016, 08:08 PM)Joy Wrote:  poisons will interrupt sleep. Medusas poison random can make it hard to take advantage of dream heal.

That is an excellent point, Joy! Sleep will be broken the moment a monster receives damage, no mater the source, whether it comes from a player attack, or a poison effect. I will add that to the initial post. Thanks!


& thank you, goldbit, for adding those Dream Heal Fighters! There are other Fighters that I did not add to the list, such as the rare Christmas Santa Fighters, some of the Trivia Crack Island Fighters, & a few others. For a full list (mostly full) of Skills follow this link: Skills

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