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Game not loading
Total skydoms game won't load. Full stamina and can't use. I'm pissed.  We should be warned if shutting down site for a long time
Me too crashes as soon as I touch anything on open screen
I can play on my android device okay but chat is trashed. My iPod 5th gen crashes as soon as it opens.
Been like this since 1pm at least on my iPhone 5. Screws up my seeds island and war swamp chances. They need to let us know when they r doing mntn. My clan members were having trouble summoning fighters. I didn't have diamonds to do. All weekend they were
Are they fixing it or no

Skydoms is not working its crashing WTF
All of ourniOS players appear to be affected. We can't register for war in these conditions, and we're running out of boosts.
It's probably some pissed off hackers. I was able to log on to my wife's account (which is mostly inactive, and probably wouldn't be targeted by anyone) on iOS with no issue. I think Skydoms is under attack (look at all the weird spam on the forum too) and the devs don't know how to deal with it.

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