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Game Crashes on Iphone/Ipad
(11-23-2016, 02:42 AM)wardog Wrote:  I couldn't login with my iPhone most of the day also. Unfortunately, the in-game support does not seem to get any replies or answers, the wiki and facebook page are stagnant with old information, so this is the only outlet that most people can find to get support for the game.

This Forum is a great outlet for players to voice their concerns & for seeking game support, but being disrespectful & insulting is not the way to go about doing it.


This thread was created about the game crashing on certain devices. This error has been fixed, & in-game chat functions have been restored.
Thanks as always for your help and quick responses. It is an awesome game, we all hope whatever issues are going on continue to be addressed in a timely manner. I have spent well over $100 thus far on the game and I know my friends have too. It may help if the developers would throw people a bone for down time. Even a little diamond might help keep the ire down a bit.?
I just want to be able to play, and now I can. I'm late in posting, but was back on in less than 24 hours. I appreciate that the bug, whatever it may have been, was fixed! I have to agree with Miki though, some compensation would help the issue. Last time the game was down like this, the island of that day was left up longer at least. This time, we missed out on it. Either way, I'm glad the problem is fixed!!

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