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elder willowspine/Hotu Matu Rapa Nui King bug report
School Shadow 
This bug involves the elder willowspine active skill of 60% reduction of blue damage this turn and Hotu Matu Rapa Nui King active skill of 20x blue area attack and consume 50% OF total health. Upon starting off with using willowspine active skill first then using the kings active skill , I still took the 50% damage instead of the 60% damage reduction of the 50% king consume damage. I am not able to try out on other tree protectors and their color king to see if just a bug for these 2 or if overall.
It's not a bug, self damage has no color.
IRQ is right - this is not a bug. Though I like your idea, goldbit! It would be nice if the two Skills interacted in that manner. But...

Damage reduction Skills such as that of Willowspine, Cyclops, Werewolf, Hera, Rabten, etc., read: 'X% reduction of incoming damage.' The word "incoming" is the key. The damage reduction is only against attacks or effects (like Extra Hit) from enemies. Self inflicted damage does not count as 'incoming' damage.

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