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Daily rewards
How do you use the daily rewards? Specifically, not the diamonds or frogs. The ones that look like health, defense or attack.
The rewards to which you are referring are called Combat Boosts. These special Combat Boosts may be used in Island Play, on any Island, but not in PvP. These Boosts grant the player buffs, such as gaining Life each time you defeat an enemy, Energy boost to all of your Fighters, extra life bar, ignoring a portion of incoming damage, or upgrading gems to either healing or disintegrator.

These Boosts my be added once you have chosen the stage you wish to play & your Co-captain. You are then taken to the Team Statistics page to confirm your team & begin play. Above your Team you will see four boxes with symbols within them & a plus (+) symbol. These boxes represent the four Combat Boost categories. Click on one of these boxes. This will then take you to a page that shows all of the Combat Boosts for that category. Some are more powerful than others. Clicking on a Boost will show what buff that Boost will provide. You can then select to add that Boost for that combat.

The player may use up to four Boosts at one time, one in each category.

I hope that helps!

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