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I cannot seem to conquer New Horizon level 204. I do fine til I have to beat Atahualpa. Can someone please offer any advice on how to beat this guy. I have been playing this game a long time but I'm not sure I understand the correlation chart it is very confusing for me I don't know how I've gotten this far not understanding it lol.
Thank you in advance everyone and have a great day
Hello, pizzagirl! Atahualpa can be a tricky one! The New Horizon bosses all use Skills, such as a multi-hit or healing, or gem conversion, & the Native bosses have Skills too. Before we get to him, though, lets talk about the Colour Correlation Chart.

In Skydoms there are five schools: Elemental Shadow War Transmute Mech (Elemental, Shadow, War, Transmute, & Mech accordingly). These Schools, or colours interact differently with each other. Depending on what colour your Fighter is & the colour of your enemy, you could get a bonus to damage or a damper. Here's how it works:...

The triad of Red, Shadow, & War each have one strength & one weakness to each other. Red Fighters are strong against Green monsters, but weak against Purple monsters; Green Fighters are strong against Purple monsters, but weak against Red monsters; & Purple is strong against Red monsters, but weak against Green monsters. So, what does this mean?... Red attacks will deal 2x damage to Green enemies, but will only deal 1/2 damage to purple enemies. Green attacks will deal 2x damage to Purple enemies, but only 1/2 damage to Red enemies. & Purple attacks will deal 2x damage to Red enemies, but only 1/2 damage to Green enemies.

It is important to keep these bonuses & weaknesses in mind when playing on the Islands. If you are going up against Red monsters, like Atahualpa, it would be wise to use Purple Fighters on your team, & it would be a bad idea to use Green Fighters against him.

Blue (Transmute) & Yellow (Mech) are a little different. Blue & Yellow have no colour weaknesses, only a strength: Blue attacks will deal 2x damage to Yellow enemies, & Yellow Fighters will deal 2x damage to Blue enemies.

I hope that helps! For more information, look at this page: It says is it for new players to help them get them started, but there is a lot of valuable information there for any player, including info on the Attack Colour Correlation Chart.

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Addition to this thread is that, considering it's a lategame stage, you will be needing a ShadowShadow monocolor team more than any other team. Beware the random "Angry Hit", which deals extra damage! Also, do try to have a few Legendary Fighters in your team; they really help!

Fun Fact: When first released, Atahualpa was droppable due to a bug. Said bug was later patched.
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Very interesting, I had never considered using a forum to look for help for a game and I see that I have been wasting time because you give great advice. Thank you.
Woooow. This interestings advices are a good option to can improve my games technique. Thanks for all these information my friends. Greetings.

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