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Ho Ho Ho!
Merry Christmas everyone! As you can probably see, we've got a well thought, suiting gift from the dev team: another game crashing discount! Keep up the good work guys, we're so proud of you!
I understand that this is very frustrating. But do not disrespect the Development Team.

There is currently a Rare Machine error this week-end on certain devices. If you are experiencing this error, please submit your game issues in the Support Chapter.

Sorry to say this but I believe there is no developement team left to insult. We have a maintainence crew and I'm getting the feeling they are only part time workers for the skydoms game.

It's been months since we had any direct contact.
Christmas came and went with a quick peek at trivia crack island but no sign of the Christmas creatures.

I'm not upset at all. It's been a fun ride and even knowing the road ends soon doesn't stop me from enjoying the slow coast to the finish.

It's been a blast and I'm going to miss y'all when the games stops generating enough profits to merit its existence.
I wish they'd sell this game to someone who cares about it.
Sorry to crash in late, but maybe a "certain" company (GungHo) can implement the Skydoms Fighters to live on the legacy.
ded gaem, etermax disband
Lineup (Red): Atahualpa, Grimer, Annlis (6★), Fenris, Salamander (5★)
ID: 997.071.092

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