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How to beat Canek on level 211?
I've been struggling with Level 211on New Horizon. Can anyone offer help on beating the boss (Canek)? His multi-hit beats me every time!
Burned beech may help or willy the Viking. Other options include a green team with a high multiplier or any good multipliers that can single hit kill.

Bicolor Demeter, bicolor hades, yeti, Athena, dawa captains can also help.
Thanks for the advice.

I was able to win with 7 Hades as captain. The 50% purple damage reduction, and the 8x poison was great. I had 6 Artemis as co-captain for healing. The rest of my team was Scarecrow (2 turn stun), Amaterasu (100x attack is awesome), 7 Poseidon and 6 Grimer

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