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matching gem board with all one color
I was wondering why if the gem board matches all 30 squares with just 1 color,why does it only Gives a 2 combo bonus only?
Well, when the board is entirely one colour, there can only be one match made, no mater how you move the gems. When all gems are one colour, they all match each other in all directions - they are all connected, so it's only one match. To get multiple combos there must be other gems of other colours breaking the connection between gems of the same colour. When the entire board is only one colour, the only extra matches you will get are matches that fall from above.
Maybe I'm missing the point of sylph active skill of changing all gems to purple. I know it's like lusts skill but lust at least can do something with all one color.
The Elementals (Sylph, Undine, Salamander, Taranis, & Mighty Dwarf) have the ability to convert two different colours of Gems to one. Sylph for example converts all Red & Blue gems to purple. When used, this will leave the board with mostly Purple gems, some Yellow & Green gems, & Energy Gems. The ideal use of this Skill is to make as many Purple matches as possible, while also matching the other colours to increase your Combo Meter. This method allows the player to build up many combos, increasing total damage output (& Energy generation, if Energy gems are matched).

Using Lust or Growler to convert all gems to one colour will not allow the player to generate combos. One other drawback (& a big one too!) is that Lust & Growler convert all Energy tiles to a colour, meaning that you cannot match Energy gems that turn. This can be very dangerous, especially in PvP. You need Energy to use Active Skills, & it's a good idea to keep up on your Energy generation each turn.

The Elementals like Sylph are ideally used on mono-colour teams, when all members of your team are one colour.
Thanks again for the information.
I use a purple team with Durga, who makes all the tiles purple. With 2 Hermes as captains, and Agripa on my team, I get great multipliers. Also, Hermes will save you from any attack one time. I also have Scarecrow on the team. That way, early on I match some energy gems and I'm able to stun the enemy and build up my energy for a big attack. Doesn't always work, but pretty effective.

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