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No one buys diamonds while locked out.
Attn. Metrogames;
We can't buy Diamond  if we can't get in.
Keeping the players out, and ignoring them is costing you money.
Support may be incompetent, or not care.
Your bosses WILL care.
The money spigot is turned off.
FIX IT! Angry
Haven't been able to log in since last Monday morning. My partner can as he is only level 12 however I'm level 152. I was feeling sort of let down by the game, letting my clan down - Cerberus and feeling stressed. Everyone is upset with not getting in. However if the game has reached its life expectancy someone should have warned us all. It is a fabulous game to play, very addictive, fun to be challenged etc - I am in the withdrawal stage now. I will always check to see if I can log on and if I can great!!!! But it is a damn shame that nobody could say that the game has been defunct and it wasn't likely to live past a 2 year life span.

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