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Elemental Cannon Drake.
I don't believe my Elemental Cannon Drake is functioning properly. His attack is 1861 and he is supposed to be 10x the attack (18,610). When using single shot against a purple enemy, I should see 37,000+ for his green attack, but I consistently get 26,000 for green and 2,000 for red.

Had I known this single shot would result in this poor performance, I wouldn't have evolved him to this final level.

Is there any way you can increase his performance to what it is stated he should have?

Thank you,

The attack value for any bi-colour Fighter is not representative of that Fighter's attack for each School, it is a sum of both colours. The attack value is split roughly 70/30 between each school. The Primary School attacks with roughly 70% power based on the full attack value, & the Secondary School attacks at roughly 30%. That is why your math is not coming out as you anticipated.

Hope this helps! If you have more questions, please post them!
That seems very odd, because Naurim (at her highest level) has an attack of 11 and she is much stronger than Drake. I regret evolving him.

Thank you for your help.

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