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Fix this game
I am writing this on behalf of all skydoms players. WHAT ARE YOU DOING TO FIX THIS GAME? I can tell you this:we are a bunch of people who have spent a lot of money to play this game and right now we are furious! This has become gross negligence on your part. You will freely take our money and then crash the game. We will have no problem posting negative comments on the other games that you do support. And we know which games they are. I guess your company has no regard for your loyal customers who are willing to continue playing this game. Maybe the reason that this is happening is to force people to leave this game. But trust this, we will not go quietly. We will protest. We will use social media. This I can assure you.
So unless you want your other games to suffer financially, we would appreciate a little bit of your time to fix these continuous problems.
I have edited this thread for language. You are free to express your feelings & concerns, but please keep it clean. Thank you.

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