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New Fighters: Kingdom+ (Suggestion)
Hello, all! Quinn here. It's been a while since I've posted any new ideas here (you know, with all the troubles that we've been having, there have been more important things to do). But I'd like to present this little idea to the community...

The Kingdoms Fighters are PvP exclusive Fighters including Leonidas, Legendary Ogre, Phoenix, Griphon, Manticore, Nian, Chimera, and Basilisk. I have two more Kingdom Fighters that I would like to add to the roster: Legendary Jötunn (Norse Ice Giant) & Legendary Unicorn! These two Fighters will serve to fill in the gaps of the newest Kingdom Fighters (Nian, Basilisk, & Chimera). They share similarities, but like many of the Transmute & Mech Fighters of some series, they have some differences as well. Please leave any feedback, comments, advice, or questions below. I thank you for your time! Enjoy!

Kingdom+ Fighters:

Legendary Jötunn (Max Lv. 99)
School: Transmute
Kind: Rebel

Captain Skill:
Legendary Rebellion: 4x Attack + 2x Active Skill for all Rebel Fighters.

Active Skill:
Jötunn Blood: Cost: 8000; Player will survive all damage received on the turn this skill is used (this Skill may only be used once per battle).

Passive Skill:
Reaction: This Fighter attacks twice.

Legendary Unicorn (Max Lv. 99)
School: Mech
Kind: Healer

Captain Skill:
Legendary Healer: 3x Attack + 3x Defense for all Healer Fighters.

Active Skill:
Healing Light: Cost: 3000: Upgrade 3 random gems to Healing & upgrade 1 Gem Mech to Disintegrator.

Passive Skill:
Energy XG Power: Convert a random gem to Gem Energy & upgrade it to Disintegrator.


There you have it! Just a couple of quick little Fighters to fill in the gap. Let me know that you think! Thanks!

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