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Best PvP Defenders
Hello, all! Quinn here. I was hoping we could start a discussion about the best PvP Defenders to use for Battleground Defence. PvP is a huge part of Skydoms, & the majority of players are very dedicated to maintaining their PvP records as well as their ever-building Battleground. It takes a lot of effort and hard work to build a strong Battleground, not to mention time & energy, so it would be wise to consider what Fighters are best suited for PvP Defence.

Below I have listed the Defenders/Fighters that I believe are the top Defenders in the game & the reasons why I think that they are such. I encourage you to make your own list! Let's get started!

(In general, the best PvP Defenders are Defenders that attack every turn & have PvP or Boss Skills of some form. But there are some exceptions to this rule. When building a Battleground Defence one must consider more than just each individual Defender on their own, but also look at the entire Battleground build as a whole & how the Defenders work together.)

1. Envy

In my mind, Envy is clearly the best PvP Defender the game has to offer. Envy has massive attack power, pretty good Defence, & his life is nothing to scoff at. Envy has the power to 1-Hit-KO many offensive teams on just attack power alone. If that were not enough, Envy also has the PvP Skill of Double-Hit, meaning that he gets a total of three powerful hits in one turn if his Double-Hit Skill activates (one double hit attack consisting of two hits & one normal attack). Not many offensive teams can survive that crazy Skill. & to top it all off, Envy also has the PvP Skill of Anti-stun, so a stalling Stun will be useless against him. Envy works amazingly well as a Stage 1 Defender boosted by a wise Boss, or as a Boss himself.

2. Zeus (Bi-colour)

The Bi-colour Zeus Defender possesses the single highest attack stat of any single-turn-attacking PvP Defender. This places Zeus as #2 on my list. As a Stage 1 Defender, only Envy can surpass Zeus in strength. Even though Zeus may have a Boss Skill, I believe that he works much better as a Stage 1 Defender than a Boss, simply because his attack power is so high. He can easily ward off any unsuspected or unprepared attackers with his thunderbolt!

3. Bi-colour Chinese Gods (Nezha)

The Bi-colour Chinese Gods are quite popular in PvP, & for good reason. A Battleground with one of these Defenders as Boss & one in Stage 1 will be quite fortified. Where these Fighters really shine is with their Boss Skill, giving all Chinese Gods 2x Life. This Life bonus gives these Defenders staying-power. It makes them harder to kill, & so they survive longer, and the longer they survive, the more likely it is that their PvP Skills will activate - & they have some nasty PvP Skills! All of the Chinese Gods have the same Boss Skill, but their PvP Skills differ: Nezha & Zhurong can stun an opponent, Xi Wangmu & Kui Xing can deliver an Energy Hit, & Yama has Multi-hit. The order in which I place them from strongest to weakest is: Nezha, Xi Wangmu, Kui Xing, Yama, & Zhurong. The reason why I place is Nezha as #1 among the Chinese Gods is because he is a War/Green Defender primarily. Many of the most powerful offensive PvP teams today are Shadow/Purple teams, & Shadow is weak against War, making it a little challenging for these teams to fight Nezha.

4. Pride

Pride is great, but not quite as good as Envy as a Defender. She sports some powerful stats, but her real strength comes from her Anti-stun PvP Skill coupled with the fact that she is a single-hit-defender. She also has the PvP Skills of Healing herself. Her healing PvP Skills is all right, but nothing amazing. It can be difficult to deal with at times if your attacks against her are low, but high enough attacks will deal with her just fine. Her Ant-stun makes her a great fit for Stage 1, & even as a Boss, combined with her healing & the extra power from Boss stage boosts.

5. Bi-colour Egyptian Gods

The Egyptian Gods have also been a sore point for long-playing PvP players. Their Skills & stats have been changed & tweaked & altered & scrapped so many times it can be difficult to trace back their Skill line. But nevertheless, these Defenders can still hold their own. What makes these Defenders useful is their Boss Skill of Extra Hit: allowing a Defender on all stages the random chance to perform an Extra Attack at 50% power each turn. This Skills, when it triggers, can make opponents shiver. The threat of an Extra Hit always lingers, & if your Defence is lucky, the Extra Hits will successfully defend your Battleground. The Defenders are really only useful as Bosses, since they have not PvP Skills & are limited to attacking every three turns.

Those are my top 5 best PvP Defenders. Honourable mentions: Torikhan, Beowulf, Growler, Bi-colour Archangels...

Now, tell us what you think! Who do you believe are the best PvP Defenders in the game? Thanks for reading!
Firstly, once again that was written magnificently, Ryn. As a (previously and proudly) dedicated challenger tier pvp, I can say that Pride in stage 1 paired with a boss that gives a 25% attack boost was my toughest foe. I used an offensive blue-Set team. This means I was capable of often 1-hitting Envy and Zeus or using Set's barrier to survive the otherwise single attack.
My sister though, sabluu, has a different story and also spent limited time in challenger division. She used mono-colour Hermes, so offensive fighters provided no threat to her team. I recall hearing a grunt of frustration every time the Nezha appeared at the boss stage. That boss skill of double hp for Chinese fighters easily put 5million health on a strong fighter attacking every turn. Another weakness of hers were obviously defenders with extra hit. This include, but is not limited to Hrothgar, or the original Egyptian Gods, for example Ra, Isis, Osiris, Set, Anubis (Zeus and Poseidon would be included before the nerf).
Wyverns are incredibly annoying. They decrease the time to move Gen's the about 10 seconds for 10 turns, but it's manageable if you wait it out. Wyverns are very weak, but their lack of hp is often used to inhibit attackers from waiting out the 10 turns.
I had more in mind when I began writing, but now I cannot recall who they were. So summary, stage 1 is Pride & Envy and Zeus/Poseidon/Demeter, in any other stage is wyvern, and boss would be Egyptian Gods, Chinese Gods, and maybe an archangel.
Thank you very much for reading, Steven! I'm glad you enjoyed the topic.

The Wyvern and Nightgaunt Fighters pose a unique threat. In my experience, they are more annoying than dangerous, however. There are two major strategies when comes to using these Fighters as PvP Defenders: 1) low-life staller & 2) high-life hitter. The first option uses these Defenders un--leveled and weak - easy to kill. This strategy makes it easy to accidentally kill the Defenders by moving gems to essentially waste turns to eliminate the time drain, if you plan to wait it out. The second strategy relies on highly-leveled Defenders, and usually an Egyptian God Boss. Having these Defenders leveled up highly will make their attacks stronger. This will also increase the damage dealt from Extra Hits from the Boss. This strategy can make it a little difficult for some offensive teams to survive Extra Hits while waiting out the time drain. This method forces the attacker's hand to kill the Defender while the time drain is still in effect or risk being killed by an Extra Hit.

In my experience, a single Wyvern or Nightguant Defender is little more than a slight annoyance & can easily be wasted - one time drain will not have much impact on a skilled player. Multiples of these Defenders back-to-back can be troublesome sometimes when paired with Extra Hit, but they are still not a solid line of Defence against many offensive teams. All they really seem to do is slow the match down a little bit. But that is in only based on my experience in Champions League, I'm sure that in the lower Leagues these Defends can be quite difficult to deal with, and could make useful Defenders. The design behind these Defenders is interesting and unique, & I like the concept.

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