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Favourite Teams
Hello, all! Quinn here. I'd like to start a thread about your favourite teams & why you enjoy using them. The wide variety of Fighters Skydoms has to offer gives players the freedom to build endless team combinations, allowing players to combine creativity & strategy. Now is your opportunity to share some of your favourite team builds! Share with the community one, or multiple, teams that you have used in the game - PvP or Island play. Please share your teams & why you like them. What was your strategy behind your team, & why is it one of your favourites? I would like to hear from you & see what kind of teams you have built!

I'll start us off with a few of my favourite teams:

1) Xi Wang Mu Ultimate PvP Devastation Team!

Xi Wangmu + Virgo + Leonidas + Leonidas + Medusa (bi-colour) + Taranis

This was my absolute favourite PvP team back in the day. I used this team in PvP back when the Egyptian Gods essentially gave all Fighters a 50% attack boost in PvP. At the time, this team allowed me to take on any challenge that PvP had to offer (except for the occasional Elf triad!). Xi Wangmu gave my team a base attack boost as well as survival, Taranis gave my team an Energy boost as well as gem conversion, Virgo for excellent healing, two Leonidas for extreme attack boost, & Medusa for stunning when needed. Once my Energy bar was full, I could use Taranis' skill as well as both Leonidas' skills for massive destruction. Xi Wangmu worked beautifully to help me survive any massive attacks. Back in the day, this team helped me to skyrocket in the PvP Leagues.

2) Isis Supreme Defence Team!

Isis (bi-colour) + Salamander + Erigs + Aries + Cyclops (bi-colour) + Phoenix

I really enjoyed this team. It was focused on high-defence to take on the raw power of PvP defenders. The attack power was moderate, the Energy generation was efficient, & the Defence was great. Not many Defenders could break my defence, & once I used Cyclops' skill, nothing could kill me (though Envy sill posed quite a threat!). The biggest weakness this team had was that I used no stunner, so sometimes I ran into troubles against high-powered single-hit attackers. If I couldn't generate enough Energy, I was limited in my Skill useage, forcing me to chose either Cyclops for DR or Ares for Healing, not both - or sometimes both but not Erigs. But overall, I enjoyed this team build.

3) Athene Godly Invulnerability Team!

Athene + Undine + Kraken + Pride + Medusa (bi-colour) + Set (bi-colour)

This was another PvP team that I used to play with. I first started using this team to take on Envy & the bi-colour Chinese Gods in PvP. The Captain combination of Athene & Set is amazing. Athene gives 80% damage reduction when the Life bar is full, & Set uses Energy tiles to build a protection barrier. Protection Barriers do not count as Life, so as long as the barrier is in place, all attacks will be reduced by 80%. It worked very well against Envy. This was the only team that I had that could survive a first turn Double-hit from a maxed out Envy as well as an Extra Hit from an Egyptian Boss - that's four total hits! However, this team was incredibly vulnerable to poor Energy draws, since the team only works when Energy is matched. It was also a very low damage team, since the only attack boosts used were Set's Captain Skill & Kraken's Active. The team was piratically invulnerable to any & all attacks, but PvP battles took a long time to complete - sometimes over 20 minuets! I had to abandon the team because battles tool too much time.

4) Medusa Omega Bi-colour Devastation Team!

Medusa (bi-colour) + Naga (bi-colour) + Michael (bicolour) + Margot (bi-colour) + Kraken + Undine

This is my favourtie Island team. It took a lot to assemble this team & it requires the player to have enough Weight to support all of the bi-colour Firefighters used, so not everyone can used this team - it is very specific & particular. I like this team because, when matching Energy gems, Undine allows all Fighters to charge their attacks in both of their schools, easily triggering Medusa's multi-colour Captain Skill. All bi-colours in this team share Blue as one colour, & then one other colour from chart. The destruction this team can cause is awesome. Now, Naga could be replaced with a bi-colour Kraken, & Margot with bi-colour Poseidon for even more power.

There are many more teams that I have built over time, but those are a few of my favourites. Team building is one my favourite parts of the game. Please post your favourte teams here & let us know why you like them! Thanks!
My current favorite team is:
Hermes 3x attack for purple fighters and survive any attack
Durga Converts all gems to purple
Agripa 2.5x attack for purple fighters, 1,5x for green fighters
Artemis Healing when swapped with captain
Scarecrow Stuns enemies for 2 turns

I get Hermes or Michael as co-captain (they both are 3x attack for purple fighters).

It's a good attack team with the multipliers, and I can stun enemies and get super healing if I get in a jam.
(06-11-2017, 04:46 PM)Sharkman Wrote:  My current favorite team is:
Hermes      3x attack for purple fighters and survive any attack
Durga         Converts all gems to purple
Agripa        2.5x attack for purple fighters, 1,5x for green fighters
Artemis      Healing when swapped with captain
Scarecrow  Stuns enemies for 2 turns

I get Hermes or Michael** as co-captain (they both are 3x attack for purple fighters).

It's a good attack team with the multipliers, and I can stun enemies and get super healing if I get in a jam.

You do have quite a diverse team!

Your team is similar to my current PvP team. I use:

Bastet + Tsukiyomi + Agripa (bi-colour) + Dawa (bi-colour) + Medusa (bi-colour) + Hermes

Bastet lets me start with full energy, plus she gives a great attack boost when spending enough energy, & her Dream Heal skill can come in handy in emergencies; Tsukiyomi & Dawa convert all gems to only Purple & Blue (& energy), & Dawa offers healing as well; Agripa for excellent attack boosting; Medusa for stunning; & finally, Hermes for attack boost, energy boost, & one-time survival. It has served me very well.

**I think you mean Zadkiel, not Michael - Michael is Blue & Green, while Zadkiel is Purple & Blue.

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