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How does the "area attack" work? What area?
When it says "5X area attack". What does this mean exactly?  What area is the game referring to?  What number is being multiplied by 5?
An Area Attack is an attack that will deal damage to all enemies on the stage, not just one. When Fighting multiple enemies at once, an Area Attack will deal damage to them all. Some attacks will only target one enemy, but Area Attacks hit all enemies.

The multiplier in these situations is the Attack stat of the Fighter. The damage dealt will depend on the Fighter's Attack. Each Fighter has an Attack, Defence, & Energy stat. These stats affect different aspects of gameplay.

If we look at Legendary Phoenix for example... Phoenix's Active Skill, Fenix Fire, reads: " Elemental 12x Attack area attack." Let us assume that Phoenix is maxed out at lv. 99. It's attack stat would be 1149. Multiply that by 12: 1149 x 12 = 13.788. When using Phoenix's Active Skill, Phoenix will launch an attack with damage power 13.788 that will deal damage to all enemies on the stage.

I hope that helps! If you have any more questions, please post them!
Neo, I had exactly the same doubt as you. Thank you Quinn for solving it so well because now I can play much better.


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