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Which is the difference between Normal and Special Islands?
Skydoms islands allow you to travel through the main game story with smooth increases in the difficulty.

[Image: 36rXqEdl.png]    [Image: TAjVw6ol.png]  [Image: fpAG9FS.png]  [Image: tq56nRjl.png]  [Image: RvHJqE7l.png]

Special islands are meant to be like a "hunting ground"
You can go to Special islands to fight and get Level-up Materials, Evo Material, and capture Fighters.
Also you can access to time-limited events.

Fighting in Swamps you can get Level-up Materials

[Image: Q46hJHil.png]

Fighting in Tuesday Mist, Wednesday Treasures, Thursday Mine and Friday Nest you can get Evo Materials

[Image: oXXmsw1l.png]  [Image: MzTdt05l.png]  [Image: cOKshHOl.png]  [Image: huIusEDl.png]

Weekend gold mine, It's a big opportunity to get gold

[Image: ZUfSBiql.png]

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