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My current line up [Level 48]
Currently level 48 and using the following line-up most of the time:

These are my main 4 (click portrait for more info on the hero)
[Image: 60?cb=20150424212723][Image: 60?cb=20150810194203][Image: 60?cb=20150729191219][Image: 60?cb=20150714191705]
Levels are: 29, 17, 44, 40

I also farmed this big guy:
[Image: 60?cb=20150424214616]
But I cannot use him with my main heroes due to weight restrictions :/ (Level: 6)

So as I am basically lacking a strong blue hero, I usually try to use a friend's blue hero. I usually go for this one:
[Image: 60?cb=20150729191443]
Level: 30-50 (depending on friend)

My fifth hero is usually another healer:
[Image: 60?cb=20150810194203]
Level: 8

Occasionally I use an extra sniper instead:
[Image: 60?cb=20150810194204]
Level: 14

My heroes are not maxed and I am lacking frogs/spiders to level them to the max before I can evolve them more but i am slowly making progress

I sometimes make a healer my captain but usually I try to just go for big damage combos to wreck everything in my path Smile
First round I try to gather energy to put up my shield and be able to heal up if needed...

Obviously I would use better heroes if I could but legendaries are scarce and even regular 3/5 star heroes don't pop up too often : )

I am stuck at mission 82 at the moment. The final round boss hits for 3k every turn and the last time i tried beating it I got unlucky with energy blocks and just could not keep up the healing, nor was i able to get a really high combo in to take it down quick enough. I dont want to waste more water on this so I am going to level up a bit more before trying again.
[Image: TIBVNbZ.jpg]
My ID: 979.870.875 .. looking for dmg multiplier captains especially

Nice team!
I really envy your cyclops, it is one of the best fighters in the game IMHO
Using a friend that also multiplies damage matching colors is a good idea, Samehada works but so does any of the other fighters of the same type or the more common pirates (Every, Kidd, etc) . Try to find one with max evolution so that you can use the 3x damage captain skill. With a team like that, if you level up, you can pass through most of the game if you are good matching gems.
How good are you matching gems? do you activate the Cyclop's skill most of the time?

I would try to get a limtel if you can as she is a great healer that many times works better than the cronla.

One more thing: the Colossus you will not find very useful I think, it works great in monocolor teams paired up with another Colossus but other than that I don't consider it very useful. If you are farming the special islands I think the dragons are much more useful than the golems
thanks .. im pretty ok at matching gems .. but i am no rubix cube master Tongue

i get to activate the cyclops skill pretty often but definitely not every turn but at later stages i feel it gets a bit harder to get it to activate as there are fewer disintegrator blocks and gems seem to spawn a bit more randomly (this could also be a coincidence as i havent retried the higher stages that often yet)

7 days into the game now and my fighters have leveled up a bit again and im up to level 52

im mostly using samehada because i dont have a great blue hero myself and i prefer to use all colors in most modes .. but yeah i sometimes use the other damage multiplier heroes .. im definitely hoping to get me a Limtel but havent been lucky so far... i sometimes use her in the friend hero slot and see that she is way more useful than cronla now

the colossus seems like a niche hero .. i can see it working well with another hero that doubles blue dmg output and then using the active skill to slaugher some high hp single target... also wondering if its high defense might be of use to me in a mixed team .. i believe i will be able to use him when i reach level 53 as im lacking 1 weight at the moment so i will find out very soon (just waiting for my water to fill up to 40 so i can enter the swamp twice, level up and then enter it another two times)

i dont really farm the special islands anymore but i got lucky when i didnt really know what i was doing yet : )
[Image: TIBVNbZ.jpg]
My ID: 979.870.875 .. looking for dmg multiplier captains especially

You should try to train your gem matching skills as it really makes all the difference.
I don't think that the later stages have fewer disintegrator blocks, it looks like you were unlucky.
Limtel you can get either in the Friend Machine, playing the Transmutation Lair, or several other levels in the main game. The rare machine as well of course. You will get one eventually, everyone does if they play long enough.

You might want to try to shoot for 4 colors instead of 5 as it makes it easier. If you get one of the Monks (Choden, Palden, Dawa, etc) it will help you to convert one of the colors of the board to another. Once you have only 4 colors in the board it is easier to activate the Cyclop's skill. Using dragons to get more colors gems also helps when you are missing certain colors on the board.

The colossus works well with a monocolor blue team like I said, if you get another colossus or one Grumphear you get 4x blue damage which is great. It is better than the Grumphear because the Defense multiplier really helps to harden your team. It can work in a mixed team as well, but I would rather use a blue dragon myself. The Colossus' active skill I'm not very fond of, it is pretty much useless later in the game.
Thanks again .. I just beat mission 83 with the colossus in my team but he did not really add anything special other than raw dmg and defense i used Limtel as a friend hero... her healing is amazing and without her i would have failed

i will have to try using a monk but as of now i only have one lvl 1 green monk : )

leveling up heroes is time-consuming as you seem to really have just 1 day per week to really rake in those upgrade materials... and saving them up is a big problem because of vault slots getting filled up too quickly... i have 65 vault slots and about 40 of the are filled with evo/level up materials that i am saving for the proper heroes etc...

obviously i am working on improving my gem matching but i am not convinced it is possible to activate the cyclops skill every single turn... maybe it is though... i am not an expert at these types of games : )

i did not realize you could get limtel from the friend machine as well .. so far the best ive gotten from that are 3/3 crown heroes .. never 3/5 crown .. but ill keep rolling that machine! also good to know she can be farmed in the transmutation lair (even on the lowest level?) but thats not a daily event either so ill have to wait and wait and grind : )

but then again... her main asset seems to be her captain skill so i would have to give up the cyclops anyway .. tough...

what level are you? and what mission did you get to?

:edit: hahaha awesome! i just got limtel from my first attack during the 50% lower water requirement event on icy peak 1 Smile sweet! more options to mess around with now Smile
[Image: TIBVNbZ.jpg]
My ID: 979.870.875 .. looking for dmg multiplier captains especially

It should be possible to active the Cyclop's skill as long as you have the required number of gems of each color on the board (or generate them with monks/dragons/others).

You can get snipers and healers on the Friend Machine, they don't come up all the time but enough spins will end up giving you some of them. You can also check the wiki page for each fighter, it tells you there in which machines you can get them as well as which levels drop them.

I wouldn't call Limtel's best asset her captain skill, it really helps in the beginning and middle game but later in the game you will only want to use her active skill.

I'm level 128, I've cleared all missions already Wink, waiting for more...
hmm then i really need to focus more on gem matching i guess .. i sometimes get big combos but only 3 colors cause if i move them too much to go for a fourth i often mess up and screw up one of the colors Smile and then luck comes into play regarding the newly dropped gems Smile

level 128 already .. damnz : ) no wonder you passed all missions already and know so much about the heroes .. and yeah for me limtel's active skill is definitely the life saver at the moment .. nice that it becomes less important later on! thanks.

ive been checking the wiki regularly since today : ) theres a lot of useful info there thats not in the game itself but there are so many heroes that i dont know all of them yet hehe
[Image: TIBVNbZ.jpg]
My ID: 979.870.875 .. looking for dmg multiplier captains especially

Just thought about a really good combo of captain heroes - cyclops (I called it ogre in another post Wink ) and skeleton lord - skeleton lord guarantees every hero you have hits every time you connect 3 energy ( Icon chip skill also generate 0.2x attack from every fighter)and the cyclops 5x should proc too.

Can anyone let me know if this works, I have neither of these fighters so can't try it myself (they both need to be captains)

my lineup atm - holy priestess limtel (lvl5 with the strong heal), royal earth imp (need that 1 turn stun for the bosses!!!), elite marksman craven are in every team and the other two are situational (another sniper if I have one of the needed color), friend hero is most often samehada (nice multiplier), but sometimes I get cyclops and sometimes I get the yellow dragon (good area effect)

for swamp farming a tiki is a must (I replace the royal imp).
Tkata, the combo with skeleton + cyclops works. You need to have a fighter of each color on your team for this to work, and it works a lot better if the Skeletor is on level 6 (High King, Skeleton Agripa) since that one generates 0.5x from every fighter. It works even better if you use Astonishing Beauty Medusa instead of the Cyclops, since that one gets you 6x instead of 5x.
nice knowing that. thanks Juan.

sadly I dont have the skeleton, but I got the cyclops !!

maybe will try him with other hero.

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