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My current line up [Level 48]
Good to know Juan, thanks! Btw do you play ranked as well? What league are you in?

@Sinth - hey it gave me the option to attack you today in ranked Big Grin However, I chose not to because your defense seems pretty good - you had a lot of wins. What defence line-up are you using?

Welcome to Titanium III!
hehe glad you did not try to steal my hard earned points Tongue

my defense isnt all that special tbh... but i use a fast attacking first round setup to prevent people from easily filling up their energy and then a weaker 2nd and 3rd round and finally a strong fast attacking boss round to finish off attackers

so if attackers are not very good or just a bit unlucky i get the win : )

edit: thanks for the welcome!
[Image: TIBVNbZ.jpg]
My ID: 979.870.875 .. looking for dmg multiplier captains especially

@tkata I'm in the Champions league. I started playing heavily on pvp to get the fighters from the pvp machine. Leonidas is pretty awesome to have.

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