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Multi color or Mono color
(09-16-2015, 10:58 PM)Tavinho13 Wrote:  thanks juan and sinthoras.

Whats ur nick ingame sinthoras?

juan I already have u.

My in-game nick is Sinthoras187 just as it is here
[Image: TIBVNbZ.jpg]
My ID: 979.870.875 .. looking for dmg multiplier captains especially

Multicolor can offer some strog combos but theres less control with matches in the puzzle i feel.  I have a raw all red team combo with Lust and Erigs as my captain (thx to friends), but they rely heavy on energy which can suck.  Thank god its not hard to come by.

My go to team is an all gold team.  This is a safe bet especially when you have multicolored opponents.  There is no negative element against  them. I typically run with 2 Gluttons as my captains with 1 high defense penetrator, 1 healer, and 1 gem converter--the converter is the most important for survival of these monocolor teams.  As mentioned, this team is a very safe but strong team. I will consistently hit with high powered aoe attacks.

BUT if i get the legendary fighter Leonidas, that will change a lot lol.
So Im gonna update my list of solid teams here as I've progressed much further into the game. What I said about Multicolor and Monocolor advantages and disadvantages, I'm going to stick to. But here is a major advantage with Monocolor teams: It's much easier to land AoE combos AND just have a fighter that converts Enemy elements to help.

Right now, there is no denying the strength of Leonidas with any Legendary unit you play with because of his Defense boost--Defense stat is currently in a strong position in my opinion.

But aside from that, here is an incredibly op all red team which I have minus 2 are not evolved:

2 High Dragon Summoner Erigs----1 as a Captain
1 Lust Queen of Desire --- Captain
2 Rune Master Annlis --- Her Active converts 2 random gems into red heals so very useful when combined with Erigs' Captain Ability
1 Teach ---great to convert purple enemies into red. I have an evolved version also just in case.

With the 2 Erigs and Lust, you can have a multiplier of 12.5x combined with Lust's "All red gem" converter. Is it easy to get this group? god no. But my lord is it powerful beyond belief. The main counter are enemies that can 1 shot because you have a low defense. so you better make your first shot count.
Wow, what an OP team!

I guess you can one-shot almost all PvP bosses at the moment.
Well not entirely. I only have 2 Friends with the Lust, Queen of Desire and they only come on to play about once per day if I'm luck lol. I also have 1 Erigs and Annlis that still need evolving so I only do 10x dmg and that relies a lot on luck of landing at least 4 combos after my Lust Active for the high health and high Defense bosses (aka Void Master). After that, I'm screwed on Energy haha. This is my dream team though:

3 High Dragon Summoner Erigs ---completely negates ANY element weaknesses.
1 Lust Queen of Desire
2 Rune Master Annlis

Gives me a 31.25x multiplier. This right here would allow my fully leveled Erigs to do over 300k dmg by himself....I don't think I need to say anymore lol.

The sad part, I have 3 Erigs. Unfortunately, I was in desparate need of some good Defenders with a 1 attack rate that I moved one into my battleground.
(10-31-2015, 04:26 PM)Thali Wrote:  Wow, what an OP team!

I guess you can one-shot almost all PvP bosses at the moment.

Remember how I said my dream team would be having 3 Erigs with that Lust......I just rolled another Erigs hahah. God he has a high rate of dropping for me.

So anybody who has a Lust, plz add me haha: 459.080.101

Now on to the grind of leveling and evolving...

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