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Managing Turn Time, Energy, and Health
Though this might be obvious, a tip that has helped me defeat more difficult enemies is managing my turn time, energy, and health gems for max effectiveness.

What do I mean by "turn time?" Simply, the amount of turns it takes an enemy to attack you. If you have enemies that take 2 or more turns, use this as "buffer" time: load up on energy, heal, get rid of useless gems and set up for the next big attack. Don't always think you must kill/damage a unit every turn--it is better to save for a large combo than dish out some petty damage per turn. This becomes a necessity for fighting those challenging bosses later on. You want to be as prepared as possible when starting those fights. Especially when that boss will give you only one shot to win.

As for Energy, this one correlates to turn time. Dont jump the gun on using energy to heal or activate some other ability when you have some turns to spare. It is not impossible you may get a couple healing gems or colors you may need to show up in your favor. Then this energy could be used to greater benefit such as inflicting greater damage on your opponent.

ALSO, if you have a ton of energy gems that will incidently get used from combos but you also have full energy, use some abilities. Try to never waste energy. It's a vital material for winning tough fights.

Health, the key to not losing. This one is simple and can be easy to forget: if you have a health gem but have full it for later. Its easier said than done in some cases, but doing so successfully could be the difference between winning and losing. The only time you should absolutely use it is when it's needed for a specific combo such as that 5 times AoE combo. Saving that health gem can also allow you to save energy for better use.

Those are my tips when fighting. I hope they help you.

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