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Currently Strongest Possible Team
When the defense boost (Leonidas) nerf comes, there will be 3 team builds that are equally strong:

1) Multiplier Captains + Ignore Pain/Stun
2) Leonidas Captains + full legendary team
3) Monocolor team with 2 Golem Captains

In detail:
1) The best build with this strategy is probably: 2xCyclops or Cyclops/Medusa Captains
The rest of the team consisting of strong legendaries like Leonidas, Greed, ...
This strategy is more risky, but is rewarded with higher damage output.

2) Even when Leonidas is nerfed, this setup is still very strong, because you have a permanent "Ignore Pain" skill
Then there is the 4x attack multiplier, which can be doubled with each Leonidas active skill used. If you have 3 Leonidas in your team, you can have 32x attack multiplier (you need 7500 energy for that).
So this strategy requires more effort to get Leonidas and a full legendary team, but has a more safe way to deal a lot of damage. This strategy can also be used by players with lower skill.

3) One possible build is a red team, consisting of 2x Magma Stronghold Captains. Then you could use Lust and Erigs to get high damage output, and Medusa for the stun skill. (We suggested that Lust and Erigs should be nerfed a bit, so this setup might become a bit more dependent on skill in the future)
It works similar to the Leonidas strategy, and can also be used by players with lower skill.

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