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Lust balancing
Lust in her current state is way too powerful.  I have about 6 friends with Lust and I have a max evolved Erigs and a red archangel.  Right now, I can dish out a minimum of 150k dmg with Lust and Erigs actives together.  Ive actually killed a 490k health boss in one hit once--my Lust had 190k dmg alone--and this was with a 100% combo.  Imagine if I had 2 or 3 Erigs...

Heres the deal, I absolutely LOVE Lust because I can just unload tons of dmg, but she has too much survivability added to this dmg in her kit.  First, i suggest switching her healing in her Captains ability to be effected only by Energy consumption.  Second, her active does not have enough risk involved for its potential much like the 5x multicolor combo teams.  So, how do we deal with this without losing the essence of her cool ability?  Gem matching.  When you activate her ability, you get:
"Any gems matched are converted into Red damage."
This is similar to gem conversion MINUS you still have to match the gems to their proper elements to gain the damage--blue to blue, green to green, etc. It also makes sure she ONLY benefits Red units.  So it keeps her Lusty but now needs more skill to accomplish.
Updated her Active ability. Also whats great about it is if you have 0 red gems, you can still activate to use other gems. If its still too powerful, you can add this "Any non red gems matched convert into red for .5x Damage." Again, play with the numbers but it offers a little more skill to be involved.

IF you do keep the original ability, I would recommend altering her Captains ability such as scrapping either Health regen or Damage multiplier.
I agree.

Imagine this setting:
full red team, each fighter about 1300 base attack, 2 Erigs in total
Captains: Lust/Erigs

In order to activate active skills (1 Lust, 2 Erigs) you need 8000 Energy.
(5000 + 3200 + 3200 = 11400
11400 * 0.7 = 7980)

Matching 30 red gems results in an area attack of 7.75 * base damage.
(3 gems mean 1 * base damage. Each additional gem adds 0.25 * base damage. 30 gems mean 1+ 27/4 = 7.75)

You get 12.5 multiplier for red fighters.
(Lust Captain skill 2x, Erigs active skill 2.5x
2*2.5*2.5 = 12.5)

So without any combo you do 1300 * 7.75 * 12.5 * 6 = 755k damage
(base damage * gem power * red multiplier * number of red fighters)

If you are lucky and there are follow-up combos, this damage can increase even more.
For example: 5 combo (+100%) doubles the damage to 1510k.

If you change the active skill to "Any gems matched are converted into Red damage" the damage of the same setting will be:

3x 3 gems (match 3 gems 3 times)
1300 * 3 * 12.5 * 6 * 1.5 = 440k

4x 3 gems
1300 * 4 * 12.5 * 6 * 1.75 = 680k

5x 3 gems
1300 * 5 * 12.5 * 6 * 2 = 975k

I think the idea to change Lust's active skill like that is good.
Erigs active skill could also be nerfed, so that it gives 2x attack power instead of 2.5x
Not too sound dumb, but what is a Erig?
(10-26-2015, 01:41 AM)Ghost979 Wrote:  Not too sound dumb, but what is a Erig?

He's a fairly powerful red fighter.
Thanks, he is out of the rare machine. I have been having bad luck with dupes with that machine so I am on a long break. I was really wanting a hydra too.
It's a ver unique and specific attack that needs a lot of other Legendaries to work (and from your friends). We'll keep and eye on it, but is still a really late-game time investing team.

agree. I'm still building up teams using only very few Legendaries (as machine is too expensive) and do not find Lust overly powerful.
(10-26-2015, 06:24 PM)QAMG Wrote:  It's a ver unique and specific attack that needs a lot of other Legendaries to work (and from your friends). We'll keep and eye on it, but is still a really late-game time investing team.

Lust is only reliant on monocolor (red) teams and not just dmg boosters.  its not specific to any kind of combos.  She is the only character I have found so far to be overly-well rounded as an individual (minus Leonidas and a select few)--has a small heal (that works great with her Active), energy regain to pop Active more often, and a dmg booster.  On top of it, when you activate her ability, it practically becomes a powerful heal on its own without her Captain ability because it keeps all health gems.  The only real counter I have found against her is the Void Master and this is even with an element converter fighter--he's just incredibly strong as a boss all around.

Lets take Gluttony as he is designed in a similar fashion.  Gluttony has nearly the same Captain Ability minus one thing: his heal is now a minor Health boost.  His Active does not correlate to any other fighters and is not boosted by multipliers.  He has a clear disadvantage to 2 main strategies:  high defense teams and teams that use only 1 unit per wave.  His Active becomes very weak vs these teams.  Hes good to keep as a Captain but becomes reliant on others to pick up slack in specific areas.

Some of the other healers focus solely on healing and dont deal dmg (if it is, its to single targets) or dont have any dmg multipliers.  Each of them have a much clearer disadvantage.  Lust, in her current state, does not.  Her kit is just too powerful for little risk.  Thats why I recommend altering her Active.  Force it to be reliant on puzzle skills.  If not, give her clearer disadvantages like other healers. Hell, just bump her Active from 4995 to 5300. Trust me, its worth that price in most situations.
I understand that Lust with few Legendaries is a bit overpowered, but you need Luck to get Lust !

Not like Leonidas everyone will have some day...

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