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Lust balancing
(11-07-2015, 08:17 PM)Sesshomaru Wrote:  I understand that Lust with few Legendaries is a bit overpowered, but you need Luck  to get Lust !

Not like Leonidas everyone will have some day...

I understand but you should not base a Fighters potential off of the RNG of capturing them when there is no skill necessary to capture that unit--quite simply, the opposite of Lairs and Gates. No reason to break the competitive arena over that.

Leonidas actually requires a level of skill to obtain. I still think he could use minor balancing because of the Defense Curve and an increase to his price--or at least a change in the economy all together to make him more exclusive-- but he will stay unique as he tailors strongly to all Legendary units. But that's the key: make them powerful in "specialized" roles, meaning you give them something great but comes with greater risks.

That's another thing to look at is Lust's Damage output vs. the risk. She dishes out some damage equivalent to the heaviest hitters in the game but requires only proper energy management and minor luck to obtain this potential. Those other heavy hitters require high combos to be able to dish that kind of damage which requires a lot of skill and some luck. This is why I recommended changing her Active Ability as mentioned in the main post. At least now it has much higher risk vs reward. On top of it, she has good healing and energy generation making her one of the most well rounded individual units aside from Leonidas.
Pretty sure i'll just quit the game if lust will change. Everything i do is based on her abilities.
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Lust is not as strong as it gives only 2x and does not perform combos, Hydra and Emperors on the other hand rather give too much damage

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Any ideas if Lust will become a 7 star legendary aswell?
She's a Sin, remember when I mentioned she was featured in the Easter Machine? Yes she's going to get one, just give them time. I bet you that you will not be disappointed when she gets her 7 Crown Evo as well as the other 6 Sins with her. Maybe this is not the month for it, perhaps next month but do give them time is all.
If posted in this color, it is Zayla.
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If posted in this colour, it is Ritchie
Yeah that was what i was hoping for, too bad i was out on diamonds this weekend or i might had snatched me a 3rd one Wink
Bump.. Smile any news?

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