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How to level up defenders?

what's your best strategy to level up your defenders?

I mean it's obvious that you can only use chameleons and the same kind of fighter, but no matter what I do it is so incredibly slow as even if you level up your second defender in your team and then use it for level up your defender, it doesn't do that much I feel and it's costly,...
Yeah, I know that it is tedious and takes a lot of time to farm chameleons, but currently there is no other way.

It might be just me, but I get the feeling that there are fewer chameleon drops in the Swamps and Web Asteroid than before.
On average I get 1 chameleon in 6 swamp runs, and 1 chameleon in 4 Web Asteroid (stage 2) runs. Just a rough estimate.
Its all RNG unfortunately.  I just had 3 runs that netted me 3 Chameleons on Asteroid.  And Swamp I had  5 in about 15 runs.  But of course, I went for  like 3 days of just absolute crap with baby and helmet frogs before that lol.  I would say youre probably sitting around a 1% chance of grabbing one per instance.

In Transmutation, you probably average 19 fighters per instance (max being 19 with 4 per wave and 3 on boss fight).  Ill grab a chameleon maybe 1 in 5 runs on average (total of 95 fighters average).  So yeah, probably close to 1% chance of netting one per fight.  Of course this does not correlate with them just showing up.  Im assuming that sits around 5% but Ive gone 2 rounds without seeing one so who knows.  And that probably effects %%.  This is more down Thalis route lol.  He will have to confirm.

I have offered solutions to these problems though in another thread "Ability to increase Capture chance" under Suggestions.  Check it out and add any ideas you think that may help.

Edited: was 4 per wave not 5. does not change a whole lot though.
Here were my stats for today on Transmutation Island:

4 runs
64 enemies--not including bosses. Forgot as this is set in stone.
6 Chameleons appeared--Captured 1
3 Toads appeared--Captured 2

So from these stats:
Chameleon appearance = 6/64 = 9.4%
Chameleon capture rate = 1/6 = 16.7% ------This is the tricky one because technically there's a near 10% chance of appearance but I originally calculated their capture rate off of a 100 field which is not entirely the correct method I believe. Thali may have to correct me on this one if I'm wrong.
Toad Appearance = 3/64 = 4.7%
Toad capture rate = 2/3 = 67%

Definitely need more data to get an accurate estimate because I know Toads do not have a 67% capture rate hahaha. I just got lucky.
There are times when I really hate this game.

In the 3 swamp runs today I encountered about 8 chameleons, 1 frog and 1 toad.
The drops: 15x lil frog.
(10-29-2015, 05:59 PM)Thali Wrote:  There are times when I really hate this game.

In the 3 swamp runs today I encountered about 8 chameleons, 1 frog and 1 toad.
The drops: 15x lil frog.


Here's an updated version combining both of our data. I'll keep this as a running total if people keep posting.:

7 runs
112 enemies--not including bosses. They are set in stone.
14 Chameleons appeared--Captured 1
4 Toads appeared--Captured 2

So from these stats:
Chameleon appearance = 14/112 = 12.5%
Chameleon capture rate = 1/14 = 7.1%-----Check note at bottom.
Toad Appearance = 4/112 = 3.6%
Toad capture rate = 2/4 = 50%

*NOTE: The capture rate could be tricky because I believe you are guaranteed a drop on each wave (for the most part). You also have differing combinations of units per wave and that would create varying percentages based on weight in order to equal that 100% guaranteed (so to speak)

Example: 2 Chameleons = 14% capture chance total. 2 lil Frogs could = 50% total. This technically means you have 36% chance of NOT capturing a unit so they have to weigh them accordingly to equal that 100% guarantee drop.
Weight would end up being: 14 + 50 = 64. 14/64 = 22% for Chameleons and 78% for lil Frogs.

Correct me if I'm wrong.
It would be too difficult to calculate exact drop rates for each enemy, and these drop rates aren't overly useful.
You're right that when there is a wave of 4 chameleons, you defenitely get a chameleon drop (that happened to me once).

I think it's more useful to say how many toads and chameleons drop in how many stages, for example "1.4 chameleons in 10 stages".
That's only a rough estimate, but that's enough in my opinion.
I'm going to do the swamp 8 times tonight. I'll post my results when finished.
Okay, my results are in. I believe they are just HORRIBLE! I used a couple Gems just to get more numbers.

I did the swamp 12 times (60 drops)

Baby (Little) Frog Count = 49 (82%)

Medium Frog Count = 9 (15%)

Big Trainer Frog Count = 0 (0%)

Chameleon Count = 2 (3%)
really really bad i played tri times the lvl up island...13 little frogs and 2 chamaleon

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