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How to level up defenders?
(10-30-2015, 05:19 AM)Ghost979 Wrote:  Okay, my results are in.  I believe they are just HORRIBLE!  I used a couple Gems just to get more numbers.

I did the swamp 12 times (60 drops)

Baby (Little) Frog Count = 49 (82%)

Medium Frog Count  = 9 (15%)

Big Trainer Frog Count = 0 (0%)

Chameleon Count = 2 (3%)

Thx.  I'll update it to the others.  I'm only interested in the non-boss battles because those are set in stone with whom appears.  I'm more interested in the Chameleons and Toads' appearance rates along with captures over a certain amount of runs.

Also, if you can, could you give me the total number of times the Chameleons and Toads appeared.

(10-29-2015, 07:30 PM)Thali Wrote:  It would be too difficult to calculate exact drop rates for each enemy, and these drop rates aren't overly useful.
You're right that when there is a wave of 4 chameleons, you defenitely get a chameleon drop (that happened to me once).

I think it's more useful to say how many toads and chameleons drop in how many stages, for example "1.4 chameleons in 10 stages".
That's only a rough estimate, but that's enough in my opinion.

Agreed. But after thinking about it more, it actually helps because then we can make the general conclusion that Chameleons have a decent "appearance" rate but are a pain in the ass to capture. As for Toads (though more numbers are needed) we see that they have a shit appearance rate but an ok capture rate. Will this help with specifics? no. But it shows that I have a higher chance of getting 2 chameleons in 1 wave than a Toad which improves my odds.

With this, it can allow us a more solid foundation to offer suggestions to the Devs that may help.
Okay I did the purple swamp 6 times today. I did a better count and did not include the final boss stage. Stats posted will be captured/appeared. I did much better today.

Little Frogs = 15/68 (22%)
Medium Frogs = 6/17 (35%)
Big Frogs = 0/0 (0%)
Chameleons = 3/11 (27%)

Hope this helps!
Purple swamp 3 times

Toad 1/2
Chameleon 3/6

I don't really need purple chameleons, I wish I had these drops in the blue swamp
Updated version on 10/30

20 runs
320 enemies (4 waves with 4 possible enemies = 16/run through)--not including bosses.  They are set in stone.
34 Chameleons appeared--Captured 8
6 Toads appeared--Captured 3

So from these stats:  
Chameleon appearance = 34/320 = 10.6%
Chameleon capture rate = 8/34 = 23.5%
Toad Appearance = 6/320 = 1.8%
Toad capture rate = 3/6 = 50%

For every 10 runs you make: 1.5 Toads captured on average and 4 Chameleons captured on average.
Thank you all for the stats. Remember to post both the times they appear and the times you capture them. If you're wondering why I'm not worrying about Little frogs and the "helmet" frogs (as I like to call them), I could grab those stats fairly easy from the boss stages if necessary.

So from these stats, I would say that the RNG is probably pretty fair to be honest. Now here's why: we are running on a map that is incredibly easy and offers multiple runs because of it's price. But that's why I suggest higher leveled maps with better loot--here's the link to those who have not seen it .

What can I further suggest for these increased levels? Not only better bosses as mentioned but also increasing the "Appearance Rate" of both the Toads and Chameleons while decreasing--and possibly deleting--the "Appearance Rate" of the Little Frogs. Now this kind of leaves us in an awkward situation though. Increasing their appearance makes the levels a bit more difficult but at the same time could cause some economy imbalances (too easy to level units now). A somewhat simple fix: lower their "Capture Rates." If more is necessary, put in a statement that FORCES each wave to have at least 1 Helmet Frog. Lastly, lower the average Attack rates down by 1 if necessary to increase difficulty further.

Here's what it could look with the Second Level (has the Chameleon boss) ASSUMING the numbers above are accurate:
Chameleon Appearance = 20%-----out of 320 enemies: 64
Chameleon Capture = 18%-----out of 64 = 11.8
Toad Appearance = 10%------out of 320 = 32
Toad Capture = 20%-------out of 32 = 6.4

So as you can see I adjusted to make the difficulty higher but allowed captured rates to increase only about 2 per 10 runs (40 waves total, 160 enemies). Then for the 3rd Level you could increase that by another 2. This is not including the bosses! So remember you have that extra guaranteed opportunity compared to the level 1 stage.
Yay :)

Blue swamp 6 times

Toad 0/1
Chameleons 3/13

Finally something that I can use to improve my battleground

By the way, welcome to Titan 1, Bleser!
Hahah I though lt was you!!! I was tempted to attack you but I figured I would keep under good terms. Im in a fairly strong position to move into Champs 1.

On a side note, what is with all these blue islands??? I mean Im not complaining cuz now I have a lethal Defender but dang, its like the odds are stacked in its favor.
Okay Smile
What about a mutual neutrality pact?

And what level is your boss defender?
Sounds like a deal Wink

My boss is at 18 right now but it's a 6 starred Legendary vs a lot of the 5 people will be using. How about you?
level 20 right now, still a lot of room for improvement
Hey guys I am in Titanium 1 as well. Welcome, I will refrain from attacking either of you. I'm Eddie on there.

Today I went 8 times.

Pretty good day as well.

Chameleons 4/13

Toads 0/1

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