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Doubt about making a strong team
I don't feel stuck like I felt last week anymore. And I'm happy about that.
Still no legendary thou Sad
I got some solid non-legendary fighters now, I guess. But I feel that my team is still so lackluster. I really don't know who I should use as captain, because with Limtel I feel that I don't have damage and with a damage captain I don't have sustain! So, can you guys help me build a strong team?

My fighters.

- Arcane Mistress Trixy 5* 31/99
- Elite Marksman Grimer 4* 60/60
- Lady Annlis 4* 1/60

- Deadly Shoot Drake 5* 24/99
- Mighty Bear Uther 5* 20/99
- Lady Sherwen 4* 12/60
- Palden 3* 1/40

- Raven the Scarecrow 5* 24/99
- Moon Walker Dawa 4* 56/70
- Lady Nissa 4* 49/60

- Holy Pristess Limtel 5* 34/99
- Elite Marksman Tendor 4* 60/60

- Laser Shot Naurim 5* 51/99
- Steadfast Rabten 4* 12/70
- Cronla 3* 1/40

So... Who should be my captain?
Sometimes I miss my Lady Limtel (4*) for the cheap 50% heal. All skills of my fighters are sooo expensive..
Who should I level up? Should I send someone to the coliseum? (Im getting hammered there....)
How can I use this fighters to make a strong team?
And.... Who should I try do drop?
Im going after Werewolf now. (Almost 20 times, still no drop)

Thanks in advance!
You could try to get friends with a Minotaur and use a Limtel/Minotaur team, for the time being.
The rest of the team could be: Scarecrow, Trixy, Uther (or Werewolf), Naurim

So when you finally get a fighter with damage multiplier (pirate, Sun Wukong, ...) you have strong fighters of each color.

At the moment the whole gameplay is a lot more difficult, but I hope they will soon reduce the damage in PvE/PvP. Until then we have no choice but to wait.

Coliseum is a bit difficult.

You could try to get a Legendary Ogre as boss. He is hard to obtain, but has great stats and you can level up faster than other defenders. (Because there are more blue swamps than other colors)
Or you could put three 4* elves in the boss stage, like Annlis/Sherwen/Nissa. Or one 5* elf.
Or any other 5* boss like Hercules Beetle, Dragon or Golem. The purple Dragon is good because he attacks every turn.

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