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Dream Teams--What is yours?
If you could obtain 6 Fighters right now for a Dream Team, what would you want and why? I'm curious to see the different potential strategies that people play.  Rules:  Player has a max energy of 11000 and try to keep it realistic to Puzzle play.  Include weaknesses.  Other than that have fun.  I'll start off with a couple

1st team:
5 Dragon Master, Erigs--two as Captains
Lust, Queen of Desire

Strengths:  2.5 x 2.5 x 2.5 x 2.5 x 2.5 = 97 multiplier increase damage with all Erigs' Actives and then Lusts Active.
I can cast ALL actives for only 8400 energy because of a 60% energy reduction.  This team can offer a MINIMUM amount of damage at 5,863,650 damage....imagine if you landed some combos Wink
If I face a Purple, I can still dish out 2.9 million dmg--This was greater than if I switched 1 Erigs with a Teach to convert enemy elements.  Pretty much, you negate ALL element strengths through brute force.

Weaknesses:  You have ZERO control of your energy management after you pop all your Actives.  So if you face back to back tough waves of enemies, you could be absolutely SOL the next wave.  Too bad that does not matter in PvE.

I have actually obtained 4 Erigs from the Rare Machine.  Too bad I used two of them for my Battleground before I realized this potential haha.

2nd Team:
2 Endless Devourer, Gluttonys - Captain
Light Element, Taranis--Captain
2 Leonidas's
God's Fire, Uriel

Strengths:  Absolutely well-rounded team.  This team can also be ran with 2 Gluttony Captains but I prefer Taranis because energy is fairly vital for Monocolor teams in order to dish out solid damage.  I use the Gluttonys because they greatly increase survivability if necessary and are fairly well-rounded units.  For my 4 Active Abilities (Uriel, Leos, and Taranis), it costs 10800 energy.  I regenerate 6423 energy for just 3 gems because of a 3x multiplier.  Taranis converts two gems to Yellows.  Then the 2 Leos give me 4x damage + however many Gluttony Captains I have.  Then I use Uriel to reroll ALL remaining, non yellow gems to try and get MORE yellow gems and energy.

I've been running this team minus 1 Leo for a week or so. I've been able to activate 3 abilities for 8300 energy, dish out a minimum of 25k dmg per fighter (most under lvl 60) nearly every turn, and regenerate all my energy back for the next turn for multiple games.  It's also incredibly easy to land at least 50% combos.  On top of it, there's no elemental weaknesses to a gold team.  Very effective.

Weakness:  Though survivability is great, my Gluttonys are far from perfect to stop high hitters.  Their Actives suck vs enemies with high defense.  I do get 25% or 56% (if both are captains) health boost so I usually survive an extra turn or two if I get hit.  What I really rely on (aside from Health boost) are their Randoms:  heal half of inflicted dmg.  2 Gluttonys with 13% chance on this is good, but it's still random....  Plus, dishing out at least 30k dmg...I'm guaranteed to heal full health.  I just wish I had some way to dictate that Random chance through puzzle play lol.

Anyways, lets hear it!!!!
Mighty Cyclops (Captain) + friend with Cyclops
Medusa, Greed, Sloth, Leonidas

Medusa because of Active Skill
Greed because of Active + Random Skill
Sloth because of Random Skill
Leonidas because of Active Skill

Strengths: high damage if you have high puzzle skills
Weaknesses: survivability depends on energy or whether you kill the enemies before they attack
I would love to try Medusa with some of my Red teams. Obviously her Captain ability is pointless but I could definitely put that Active to good use with my Erigs.
Well, IF there is the "Diversify" skill, then her Captain skill will be really powerful for skilled players.
For me, Medusa's captain skill would become the most powerful captain skill in the game.

(That's why I set the medal cost of Leilah to 26k, which is the highest cost of all 4 pony fighters)
Oh its without a doubt the strongest captain skill with that 6x and 5x multiplier. Theres just a great amount of risk involved with it simply because of chance of having 6 gems on the board.

Have you tried the Ogre dude you get from PvP? He has that ability to turn 2 random gems into Disintegrates. If you clear 2 colors off the board, it may help naturally match more gems when they drop because you take out some waste between other gems.
A team I just started getting a chance to run was:

2 Dragon Master, Erigs (Captain)
1 Teach
1 Annlis
1 Chamuel (not evolved)
1 Salamander, Fire Elemental (Captain)

This team is better for PvP than the 5 times Erigs combo due to the ability to control your energy income to much greater lengths. It's pretty much the exact same thing as the Gold team I mentioned except this deals greater damage at a cost of losing some Max Health. I would say I average about 40k dmg per turn per fighter (most units are very low level and/or not evolved yet) if I'm continuously popping both Erigs and the Salamander Actives--My Erigs' go over 100k probably 50% of the time as long as I land a couple combos which is very easy since there's only a few colors on the board.

I would like to try this team though:

3 D.M., Erigs
1 F.E., Salamander
1 Astonishing Beauty Medusa
1 Teach

If necessary, would switch an Erigs out with a healer.

I would probably run 1 Erigs as a Captain and the Salamander as a Captain. 9500 energy to pop all 3 Erigs, Teach, and the Salamander Actives (unless I use the non evolved Teach, then it's 8900 energy). Medusa is only necessary to pop once in awhile. I would need to play around with it a bit, but this could be a fairly raw Monocolor team all around: 15.6x Multiplier + 2x damage from energy gems and that 3 Turn stun. I mean I'm dishing 100k dmg per high tiered unit pretty easily with just the 2 Erigs' Actives. Adding one more... maybe one day I can try this haha.
(12-01-2015, 04:16 AM)bleser Wrote:  Strengths:  2.5 x 2.5 x 2.5 x 2.5 x 2.5 = 97 multiplier increase damage with a Lust Active....

Are you sure? Rolleyes

You can only activate one in a turn

I have a good team, but I would like the Cyclops to replace my monkey, only that
I thinks he talks also with erigs and lust...
(12-02-2015, 05:04 PM)César Wrote:  
(12-01-2015, 04:16 AM)bleser Wrote:  Strengths:  2.5 x 2.5 x 2.5 x 2.5 x 2.5 = 97 multiplier increase damage with a Lust Active....

Are you sure?  Rolleyes

You can only activate one in a turn

I have a good team, but I would like the Cyclops to replace my monkey, only that

No. I use 2 Leonidas' and 2 Erigs all the time and am able to Activate both of their Multiplers for that 2.5 x 2.5 =6.25. It is possible there is a cap to the amount of multipliers you can activate but Ive yet to hit one. Ive actually used 3 Erigs at one point and could still activate all their abilities to incredible damage.

And this is one I did test a month or so ago.
My dream team gluttony x Oraakelli captain.
Steambuster, taranis, Uriel, and Virgo.

I'd keep Uriel unevolved for a cheap gem reroll when energy cubes run dry. At least until my energy field gives me room to use his bigger version.

Gluttony bumps up hps, energy gain, and 2x attack. Oraakelli gives 2-5x multiplier with 2 being gaurenteed and 3-4 being fairly easy to achieve.

Steam buster gives 2.5 x attack with his active. 5k energy
Uriel throws out the trash and keeps energy gems on the playing field most of the time. 2500 energy at 5 crowns or 4K energy at 6
Taranis converts all the red and blue to yellow. 2500 energy
Virgo upgrades that huge field of yellow to healing. 3600 energy

Pros -extremely well rounded team balances good attack power with survivability.
Cons- requires nearly max level to achieve the full potential of all the actives and is completely energy dependent. (Assuming the 15k energy field I heard mentioned is the actual maximum).

Right now I use a lot of dual gluttony in pvp. Leonidas instead of steam buster, Raphael instead of Uriel and limtel instead of Virgo. It's still a fairly strong team but isn't my dream team.

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