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Dream Teams--What is yours?
Joy that would be me you're talking about. I'm not even at 13K & I'm at level 192 {or somewhere around there}. I proposed that because we could really use that when reaching Level 200. But that's not the topic here so I'll stay off of that.
If posted in this color, it is Zayla.
You're your own Angel & Devil. Always know that you control your Destiny, nobody else.
If posted in this colour, it is Ritchie
Thanks Ritchie,
It's still my dream team for gold! But it's a good thing Uriel is only needed once in awhile. Steambuster can always trade places with Leonidas when fighting energy cube consumers that limit energy use. I really like the well rounded nature of this team. It offers a good balance between offense and defense with the utility to keep standing when things get dicey.
(04-13-2016, 06:58 AM)Joy Wrote:  My dream team gluttony x Oraakelli captain.
Steambuster, taranis, Uriel, and Virgo.

I'd keep Uriel unevolved for a cheap gem reroll when energy cubes run dry. At least until my energy field gives me room to use his bigger version.

Gluttony bumps up hps, energy gain, and 2x attack. Oraakelli gives 2-5x multiplier with 2 being gaurenteed and 3-4 being fairly easy to achieve.

Steam buster gives 2.5 x attack with his active. 5k energy
Uriel throws out the trash and keeps energy gems on the playing field most of the time. 2500 energy at 5 crowns or 4K energy at 6
Taranis converts all the red and blue to yellow. 2500 energy
Virgo upgrades that huge field of yellow to healing. 3600 energy

Pros -extremely well rounded team balances good attack power with survivability.
Cons- requires nearly max level to achieve the full potential of all the actives and is completely energy dependent. (Assuming the 15k energy field I heard mentioned is the actual maximum).

Right now I use a lot of dual gluttony in pvp. Leonidas instead of steam buster, Raphael instead of Uriel and limtel instead of Virgo.  It's still a fairly strong team but isn't my dream team.

Joy, I Might actually have the team closest to your dream team. It's damage output is insane, I really can't imagine otherwise. It's only short-comings are building up energy and lack of recovery. That being said, my team is Oraaakkeli, Ra, Tharnis, Steam buster, Leonidas, and friend Oraakkeli.

The total damage is 5 X 5 X 2 X 2.5 = 125 X the damage + extra damage from combos.

On average, I'd make 5 yellow matches and 1 non yellow match, that's 6 combos total, It'll do about 1.7 MILLION damage PER monster. It literally sacrifices healing for power.
That's a pretty awesome team thunder. How do you build enough energy to make it work? Anytime I've tried dual oraakelli I get such slow energy recovery that I can barely convert gems each round.
Switch one Oraa for Taranis in captain spot and the energy problem will be solved.

Using the blue equivalent of this right now. Insane damage, I sayeth.
For the most part, I take time to think of max combos I can do on first turn so I can build up energy, 4-5 combo is sufficient to gather around 5,000 energy. I'll use tharnis active effect to combo and build energy/ mild damage. I'll only switch to use Ra's active skill to inflict massive damage 400,000 per monster, (5 combo is achievable with ras being placed in 2nd position on your team), try to use minimum amount of energy each turn until final boss. What are the fighters you use if you're using two Atlantis queen as captains?

I also use gluttony as a captain with Atlantis queen for both energy and survivability along with a moderate attack boost. I've tried tharnis as the other captain, but the damage output is just not enough.
i only have a handful of yellows to choose from so every battle is just a reshuffling for best advantage. i just started getting other good fighters so Im leveling them as fast as the frog gods allow.

Dual oraakelli I use taranis, Leonidas, Cronla, and limtel. If I think heals can be bypassed limtel gives way to voltmatron. My only max level yellow is Taranis. I farm spiders but progress is slow when trying to max an entire team. Maybe more levels can correct the energy problem but 3 gems only generates 2300 active skill points which isn't enough to gain the momentum you speak of.

My blue team is leveling very fast. Scyleia, transmute frozen swan, kraken, limtel and Michael. I have transmute djinn to level and he can replace the swan when fighting stun resistant bosses. It's a very good mono blue team and pairs extremely well with undine, set, or hydra and seems to gain energy a lot faster even with scyleia captaining. But Michael can leave me with a green saturated board so it's dependent on luck to get enough blue tiles for good attacks.
Sorry if I was confusing on the earlier post, I'll gain about 2400 energy if it's just 3 gems, but will gain around 5000 if I combo 3 energy gems + additional 4-5 combos. With 5000 energy, things should start getting rolling for an all out offensive team.

Your blue team seems like it can pack a punch!
Wow 5x combo on a full color board is impressive! I just struggle with the chaos of full colors and need the reduction of gem colors to do well. I'm lucky to hit 4x on a starter attack. That's an amazing skill you have thunder. I wish I could do what you do.
Thanks! Well the combo can be made out of any color, just be sure to match at least 3 energy gems within the combo. Test that out in your own battle ground. Like I mentioned earlier, you can also sub a queen Atlantis for a gluttony, the energy gain is massive with gluttony if you don't feel like you can pull off 4-5 combo on the first turn. I think matching 3 energy gems + 2-3 combos will give you around the same amount of energy if you're using gluttony.

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