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Can't beat Infernal Volcano. Help!
(12-06-2015, 03:02 AM)Blvck Thorn Wrote:  I'd rather not fight a boss with 6 million health. Too tedious and boring after a while.

true. Could get tedious. You could do the idea with splitting him into a couple stages where he evolves after a certain threshold and has an ability that grows stronger in some unique fashion. It prolongs the battle but helps keep it interesting if segmented in a fun, unique way.
Just beat Celestial Palace. This was my final team to finish off Uriel:

-Dragon Master, Erigs lvl 61 (Captain)
-Dragon Master, Erigs lvl 45
-Chamuel (unevolved) lvl 50
-Rune Master Annlis lvl 24
-Leonidas lvl 51
-Lust, Queen of Desire lvl 75 (Captain)

I was actually not expecting to win this match. I was just doing some testing with Leonidas and my reds. I popped the Actives of Lust, both Erigs, and Leonidas for a total of 25x multiplier to my Red Legendary units. I did get lucky and landed, I think, 100% combo but none were yellow gems, so Leonidas did no dmg. Lust did 650k dmg....ALONE lol. My Erigs do fairly equivalent dmg so these 3 equal about 1.9 million together. This left about 400k health which is very easy for my Chamuel to sweep up since he does about 75% of the dmg that Lust does (487k).

Of course, without the combos, I would have come up short by about a million--Lust and Erigs would only do about 325k. But hey, it's the risk we sometimes take Wink.

I do wish I had a Medusa to throw in as a non Captain though. Would be incredible with that 3 stun ability. Actually, somebody is running with that combo (give or take a couple units) in pvp....lucky s.o.b haha.
I beat it with a similar team. The first time was before the last update... was very hard before the island got nerfed. Tried it again recently and now it's surprisingly easier.. I think the volcano island bosses ( before updates) were harder than current bosses of the celestial palace.
Volcano was much harder. Wiki still has all the old stats for Volcano. Steam Buster was something like 4 million health, 41k dmg, and 1 turn timer. Now he's 1.7 million health with a 3 turn timer. I beat him fairly easy with an all gold team. Props to those who beat him originally though.
I am happy the Volcano is easier…only if I can actually get through it that is…
Besides, now I'm using the Volcano to evolve some Frogs. Mech & Elemental Swamps gave me a good bit of frogs to evolve. While also it handed me 2 Toads per Colour.
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