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Saving those valuable Multicolor gems for future use
Here is a simple trick i use with Multicolor gems (especially the Disintegrator) that may help some because these can be fairly valuable in fights:

When theres a Multicolor gem on my board that I dont need currently, I will choose it to move so I have full control of it, get the necessary gem matches I need to win against the current wave, then throw the multicolor into a bottom corner while making sure it has no adjacent matches.  It does not guarantee anything but it greatly decreases its chance of being used.

The corner gems have this benefit of only be neighbored by 2 sides instead of 4.  Plus, the bottom corners have a lot less to worry about when new gems drop down.  With this in mind, try to keep your matches to the opposite corner of the board so you can greatly increase the odds of saving it.  It also gives you a little wiggle room to move gems around to make sure you have no matches.
Awesome Words! I needed to master the placement of them. not all the time will I be so lucky on the matches around it. Skyfall can be a bone at times... However, I use them only when I can afford linking Energy Gems to it.
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