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Sometimes matching 3 gems is better than 6....(How damage is calculated)
This is mainly a beginners guide for calculating damage. This method is meant more towards monocolor teams but can be implemented to multicolor also. Can give you an idea of damage potential no matter what you use.

A lot of players probably run a gem converter Fighter (switch from one color to another) on their team ESPECIALLY if they run a team that's all the same color.  I run with Taranis (a gold elemental Legendary) who can convert 2 gems into gold for my all gold teams.  But the question is, are you maximizing your damage potential when matching gems?

To figure this out, you need to know the basic formula for gem matches--ASSUME the gems are the same color as the Fighter:

-3 gems = the Fighter's Base Damage.
-Additional gems = .25(X) * Base Damage
   ---X being the number of additional gems

So lets run a basic scenario:
You have a Fighter with a Base Dmg of 1000.

You match 3 gems which = 1000 dmg.  Easy enough
You match 4 gems together = 1250 dmg.  (1000 base  +  .25(1000))
You match 5 gems together = 1500 area of effect dmg (1000 base  +  .25(2)(1000))
You match 6 gems together = 1750 A.o.E dmg (1000 base  +  .25(3)(1000))
You match 9 gems together = 2500 A.o.E dmg

Now, if you were like me when you first started playing, you probably thought that 6 gem matches of the same color would simply be 2 times the base damage (i.e. 2000 dmg according to above).  That is not the case as you can see.  The only benefit you get is an A.o.E attack that hits all enemies.  But as you progress through the game, you will notice that some of your toughest enemies (bosses) are alone and there will be no need to use A.o.E attacks.  So what do you do?  Instead of clustering 1 type of gem together, focus on splitting them up to make as many 3 gem combos as possible to rack up your "Combo" multiplier.  This actually gives you a lot more dmg than A.o.E in the long run.  Let me show you using the same Fighter (1000 dmg) as above, AGAIN assume the gems are the same color as the Fighter:

Match 3 gems = 1000 dmg.
Match 3 gems x 2 = 2500 dmg

The math:  
--1000 base dmg * 2 matches = 2000
--Plus .25 Combo bonus:  2000(.25) + 2000 = 2500 Total Dmg.

That's about a 43%% increase in damage from simply combining the SAME number of gems of the same color but in a different pattern (i.e. not combining them for 1 big match). Here's with 9 gems of the same color:

Match 3 gems x 3 = 4500 dmg!
--(1000 * 3 = 3000.   Add the 50% Combo bonus:  3000(.5) + 3000 = 4500 dmg)
This is an 80% increase versus the other method but using the same amount of gems! That means IF you clustered the 9 gems together for one whole match, then you need to get a "75% Combo Multiplier" to nearly match the 4500 dmg when you separate them in groups of only 3.

So there you guys go.  That is the foundation for how Damage is calculated when matching gems.  So if you ever find yourself versus a single, tough enemy, remember that you can dish out a fair amount more damage if you split your gems up compared to clustering them for one big match.  You may also find it to be more difficult when said than done but practice makes perfect...or so they say lol.

P.S. -

If you run an Elemental Legendary (Taranis, Salamander, etc...), this is incredibly useful for you. You will most likely have at least 10 gems of the same color. I usually can get 15-20 on a consistent basis with the use of an Archangel. My goal is to set myself with AT LEAST 3 matches on the board of the same color, then 1 match of Energy gems--separate these into 3 gem matches when possible to maximize the 2x multiplier. This guarantees me a 75% Combo Multiplier while also helping to maximize my Monocolor teams' damage potential and filling my Energy bar to full.
The best way for me now to play is monocolor with elemental legendary...i have three teams with this possibility red yellow an blue...and it really doesnt matter matching a gem because you will always have a energy full and the gem in needed colour because of the legendary...but yes like you said matching 2x3 gem is better than 1x6...just the problem is when you have more than one enemy on the board...but always is better make more combos...
I've done this for quite some time, it is life saving sometimes where you get them. now my question is when you add those color disintegration gems, I've always tried to get a fighter who's attack value is right on a hundred so when I do that, how it is calculated, but I always blow the number too high…
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Disintegrators are calculated as if all the gems were grouped and matched as 1.

Example: 1000 dmg fighter. You have 9 gems on the board with 1 being a disintegrator.

You match 3 gems including the disintegrator = 2500 dmg (1000 + .25(6)(1000))

That's why Disintegrators always get matched last on the board in the sequence. It's to make sure you get all other possible matches first in order to maximize individual dmg.
thank you a bunch! I had a feeling it was something like that. Plus I always wondered why it was always last too. so 2 questions down. I thank you so much Bleser
If posted in this color, it is Zayla.
You're your own Angel & Devil. Always know that you control your Destiny, nobody else.
If posted in this colour, it is Ritchie
no problem. Happy to help!

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