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Greek Gods & Goddesses
Amazing Work team! I can't thank you enough for the 5 new fighters who'll debut this weekend.
I am surprised that the Wikia though doesn't show if they are Double Kind or not (I would presume they are)
Within these Legendaries as well, I'm starting to get a feeling that on a future update, they're going to be hit with a second School (Like the Archangels). If so, you guys really didn't leave much to the imagination (Captain Skills can give a good hint) through the artwork.
Looking at the skills, the main one that really makes me smile is both Hera and Zeus, which in itself can really help especially on times where you just need a small snipe or a thunderous destroying bolt.
Skills, especially the Random Skill I so wish could have been slightly unique to them only for the fact that Reaction can prove to be very useless when you're using Area Attacks almost all the time (making them almost useless on Mono-color teams) but I like the Skills overall.
Lastly I'm proud of the Art Team and the Skydoms team in general for the work you all put into making this game very good to play and share with others.
• Now I'm wondering if Roman Gods will be coming next?
If posted in this color, it is Zayla.
You're your own Angel & Devil. Always know that you control your Destiny, nobody else.
If posted in this colour, it is Ritchie
Thanks for the apreciation, I'll let the Art Team know about it, they worked really hard to deliver them before their holidays.

They won't have the double kind yet, it should be updated when the Beta is over.
I agree with you guys. Love the  5 new fighters . Keep up the good work. You have a long way to go. Keep rocking.

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