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Inactive Clan Captain
heh heh, I'll rock with that Quinn and Thunder. *thumbs up*
If posted in this color, it is Zayla.
You're your own Angel & Devil. Always know that you control your Destiny, nobody else.
If posted in this colour, it is Ritchie
Ok this has actually become a more urgent question now. Our clan captain logged on this morning. He said he wasn't active anymore and left the clan. What happens when the clan leader exits?
Seems we are in the same boat now, Joy - both of our Clan Leaders have jumped ship it appears.

I hope something can be figured out before the Clan Wars arrive. It is likely that the Top Ranking Clans will be given rewards (such as Diamonds) at the end of the War (just a guess). As it is, the Clan in which I am a member has no chance in that case, for we have lost members with no way of adding new ones, leaving us to sink to the bottom of the rankings. No matter how hard we swim, we will never reach the surface with only 3/4ths of a Clan.
Hi everyone, I think the idea of a co-captain is really good... In my clan the same thing happened: people began to leave and we were forced to create a new clan. But only with the 11 remaining members. Now we are better, we started from scratch but we need more stronger members like us. We don't know how it's gonna be the clan wars or when, but all we know that we need strong players...
If you or your friends are interested to join us, the Clan ID is L J X - 032 (CLAN IMMORTALS)... we are champions league, top pvp, we was in top 5 of clans ranking.
Until developers do not give us a solution, I think there is no other way: create a new clan as we did, or join another.
Have a nice day Smile
ID: 740.310.533
USER: GeorgeST
CLAN: Immortals
Well I asked the Facebook crew what happens when a clan captain leaves, and they said that a random member gets the role. So the good news Quinn, is that if your captain left someone got promoted.
Thank you for your support of the idea, GeorgeST! & thank you very much for the Clan Invitation! I have seen you in the Champions League, & I have seen your Clan name in the rankings. I noticed that the name changed, now you have a little skull at the end of the Clan name. Again, thank you for the invitation, I will be sure to tell my fellow Clan members that you have openings.


Joy. That is great that you were able to get a response from Facebook. Has anyone in your Clan been promoted yet? The issue with the Clan in which I am involved is, our Captain never left, they are still a member, but have not logged-in for more than 70 days now. We also have a couple of other members who have been inactive for many days as well. But the active members we do have are all very cool & we enjoy being in the Clan together.
We found our leader and everything is good. It would still be nice to have better controls on clans and even on the other social aspects of this game.
Well, we decided to abandon our Clan. One of our members created a Clan of their own & invited us to join. We had some communication issues & trouble locating them & the new Clan. We were a little lost. So a few us relocated to a different Clan. I was invited by a friend to join the Clan in which she is a member, & I was accepted into that Clan along with a couple other of my Clan friends. We are fortunate to still be together & appreciate the work that went into making it happen.
I know this is a little late, & this is an old thread, but...

I just want to say 'thank you!' to the Skydoms team for adding additional controls to the Clan Leaders. Thank you! Now that we have a Clan Member Hierarchy (King, Lord, Knight, Commoner), it is so much easier to maintain the Clan. Lords can now assist the King with Clan duties. It is a huge help!

Thank you, Skydoms Team!
You're welcome Smile

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