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Envy, Dreadful Desiring
I have noticed that almost Everyone has a "set" team. That might be where Im going wrong. I use lots of my fighters. I love multicolored teams (wish I owned a cyclops). Although I do have mono teams too. Its amazing to me how others are making it through the game with the set team. It would have been impossible for me
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(03-26-2016, 10:15 AM)Sami Stygian Wrote:  I think i'll take envy, cause pride is effective only as a captain

Isn't it the other way around? Outside of her cap skill Pride is a good healer (think direct upgrade to Limtel), while Envy can basically only serve as mech damage source, since both his cap and active don't work.
I Agree, if I get Pride, I'm never using Limtel again.
As for Envy, he's damaged goods if he's not a captain.
I'm surely going to pick Pride over Envy, She's more versatile over Envy.

perhaps if Envy was able to switch to Captain while as a Sub, & will switch back when the battle is over, that'll make Envy just as good as Pride. Having Envy as a sub would allow you to Switch to Captain, & Sap the Ally of your choice to use as its Captain Skill. Once you finish that Battle {or pick your original Captain with Envy's Sub based Skill}, Envy will return back to being a Sub, while your Captain will be returned as Captain.
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The power of envy is the versatile captain skill. You can start the battle and target an energy doubling elemental to fill your bar with three gems, then hit a high damage multiplier, then switch to a passive heal/ shield if you see an energy desert on the next drop potentially saving your tuckis if energy cubes don't drop for several rounds (suddenly limtel still has value on a team right?). In long PvP battles the versatility of envy would be invaluable.

Just think of the value in targeting Minotaur or skadi if you have a 30k per hit dragon about to smack you. But can switch to an offensive skill on the off round. Certainly it would limit your active skills but at the same time envy could potentially be the best use of energy with the right team.
Aww, I was hoping Envy would keep the effect of a selected captain skill forever UNTIL you decide to chose another skill for Envy. Especially if you're using a pure yellow team, you can have envy select captain skills from other colors that would benefit yellows more (like Joan of Arc's eff). But unfortunately, Evnvy becomes a clean slate after every battle, and investing in energy every time we use Envy's eff may cost us the battle, as it's effect cost a decent amount of energy to use.
It's the other way around Sami.
Pride (blue female) is a functional healer and has a lovely stun random to make her a solid mid team fighter.

Envy (yellow male) is the ultimate team captain but really has no reason to ever sit in the middle of a team. His active skill is basically the ability to take 5 separate buffs along with you but it would be challenging to build a really effective team from considering both captain skills, team compatibility, fighter strength, and the active and random skills. You would have to have a sizable collection of legendary fighters to choose from to make the best use of him. On the other hand the best feature of captain skills is that they are passive already loaded from the start of the fight. To spend precious energy on one when you have a strong preference isn't going to be for everyone.

I would estimate that most players are going to choose pride. She's a solid player from anywhere on a team.
which is where Joy, making him the Ultimate Sub & Captain, will make him the ultimate person to have anywhere on the team. Using him as a Sub will allow you to switch out Captains at will. But That's how I'd've fixed up Envy from the start. Allowing him to be used as a Sub or a Captain makes all the difference. Especially with some of the Captain Skills that can be used normally, then if you need more power or defence, would switch in Envy with the ally's Captain Skill to dish out or reflect some damage.

Still going after Pride, but now that we talk about him more...He's very good, but just not complete for me.
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You're your own Angel & Devil. Always know that you control your Destiny, nobody else.
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(04-01-2016, 03:45 PM)Joy Wrote:  Envy (yellow male) is the ultimate team captain but really has no reason to ever sit in the middle of a team.
I don't get it. His cap skill is basically 'no cap skill' so how can he be a good captain?
[Image: sjdkU]
With any setup you have two cap skills active, your and your friend's. With Envy you have one cap skill active permamently and four other you can freely rotate between, provided you have energy.
I'll do my best to explain Sami. Envy may not have a dedicated captain skill of his own but he can draw on any of the skills your team has and will keep that captain skill active as long as you need in a battle.
Most captain skills you make a decision and that decision will be permanent until the battle ends. Envy offers flexibility.

For example if I had envy while facing the mech djinn, I could tap orrakeli on round one and stick with her high multiplier for most of the battle. But then I'm 5 rounds in to fighting the djinn boss, he's almost dead but the next blow will kill me, I tap Zeus's captain skill for %50 damage reduction and live just long enough to do the remaining damage.

Flexibility could make all the difference.

Or I'm in a PvP battle and I'm rocking it out fighting with envy doubling my Hydra CO captain, their boss is a strong single turn attacker and I need to heal every turn. I don't manage to take him down in a single turn and the board has zero energy gems. I switch my captain skill to limtel. She keeps me alive for the two rounds it takes for me to refill my energy bar. I go back to my multiplier and kick butt.

Envy himself is just a placeholder who can put the player you need in charge at will. With him you have the option to go between offensive and defensive captains.

I admit the first time I saw envy I scoffed. Why use energy to have a skill you can get for free? But struggling through extremely long PvP battles because I cant survive on pure offense ( or at least couldn't until very recently) has given me reason to rethink on the value of versatility.

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