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Welcoming the new Update of Fighters! ♥
Good evening everybody. I'm actually posting about the new fighters & they're CRAZY this time. Oh where to start...
Nomads: the DJinns! Those are exactly what I need & I hope I can down 1 to snatch up 1 day... Don't tell me that they're too 1 time only? Please let it be that we see them again when we're stronger! I don't want to go again without snatching one this time! {especially I don't want to go with using Diamonds to take 1} Will there be a time that our Nomad Friends actually return?!?
The Strength of them really puts the Pirates to shame because now they can turn anything into their strength for 3 turns. I'm really liking that & it'll also help for people having the Trivia Crack Bosses as they're now more lethal than  before with their stuns.
The Art is really good. I'll admit, you surprised me big time with them & I was thinking Djinn Dragons at 1 point in time. Hopefully we might get those as Farmable Legendaries in the coming months!

I'm hoping that if we get enough Nomads, that we'll start seeing Nomads Descending each day of the week during a very hot event lasting for more over a week. Like a 10 - 15 day even where Nomads as well Descend to have us prove our strengths to them.

I'll admit right now, Thor really pulled up a Hercules...Nice Attack but DAMN the payoff for it...Kinda don't wanna use him now......... I guess Loki really doesn't like energy..There's gotta be a way to charge it..{No Random Skill to do it} DAMN Team you had ONE job!!!!! lol jk! Odin is again the best healer of a game, sad thing is that it is all he's GOOD for. Hel has a great Active Skill...but it is useless to her as she don't support either colour..unless she gains War as a sub color.. I think she should use Shadow & War, instead of Elemental & War. Skadi is wonderful. Triple Health with the same problem: No Attack to boot so she's just as defencive as anyone else whom do that. & that's that for me. I'll have to really think about rolling when the Norse Gods & Goddesses show up.

There was something here before, but I'm going to change it up now beings I have been given a lot of corrected information:
New Dual Colour Fighters:

• Trixy: She has come a very long way. From being so "cute & Tiny" to being 1 vicious mistress & I don't think she's even done yet! The Stats added to her are monstrously great & the Colours on her are beautiful! I will give the Design Team props, they not only shocked me, but had my friends here going nuts about the fact we've came a very long way. She's really vicious looking & she seems like she's ready to come through the screen & cut someone lol!
• Brook Looks like he's ready to go through that mountain he's standing on. Either so heavy looking or just out right ready to destroy the whole thing! Nevermind the fact he's looking to bite the screen, & nevermind the fact that you've done so well on the design on him, I'm more impressed about the fact that the team made him looks slightly like a Goliath Spider up front on the mouth {hey don't kill me! lol} & he looks more armoured now.
• {nevermind the fact that Shadows are innately the strongest fighters by stats} Strich joined the club of being so buff you don't know how he's going to "kill you" lol! Extreme Working Out much?!? good lord! Okay, besides that, I'm also proud about the fact the team incorporated the use of Elemental Flames so well & let's not remind people if he's to "slap" you...what might happen...lmao!
• Seems like someone had a little too much gold in their system... Grumphear seems like he's ready to chomp any fingers that get near his mouth, let alone the fact that he now has the ability to drill through more people with his Alternate Colour. I'm impressed from what he became as well to what monster he has ended as but I know this isn't the last we'll be seeing of him.
• The girl who guides everyone through the game, showing everything & helping out, the "Mascot" of Skydoms...becomes the most beautiful beauty of them all. Margot has changed so much from just spinning around drilling through people to being an Mechanical Haired Killing Machine. I know anything that gets caught in her hair is not going to be screaming this time around. Her, next to Trixy, are the best 2 looking {opinion wise} with Strich being the strongest of the 5. Being my 1st ever 6 Crown Evolve, She's going to hold a very special place on my growth of Skydoms!

I need lots of Boxing Toads, so when are we getting those Spiders? & Please for the life of us, don't have us go through the Nomads until AFTER the upcoming Event... Please?
Also, now that we have these, is there a "recolour" in the works that would allow us to pick which colour would be best for our teams? Because I could really use a Mech Mistriss Trixy or Transmute Mistriss Trixy & an Elemental Outworld Margot or Shadow Outworld Margot...
Lastly, couldn't Reaction have been added to them? Geez I was hoping for the fact that the Double Hits or even something stronger than Wide Hit would have been used...I don't mind having to Level Up the Random Skills again... Also, how are we going to get copies of them?
Now for the Djinns:

• Turning things to Ashes eh? Elemental Djinn looks like he's ready to burn anything to a crisp let alone the fact he turns things to War so to make sure to get the job done. His Captain Skill is just like Egris, so if people are looking for that type of team, they're running right up there. Could have used a little bit more uniqueness beings he's a Djinn after all, but lets wait it out to see what they're really made of later on.
• Let's Ninja Grip that Ax to make sure we don't miss our targets while we Chop & Dice anything that stands in our way. War Djinn is really awesome looking & let's not forget the fact that we're just still getting used to our new Nomads. Again, being massively Defence Orientated, we're looking at boosted HP & Def with no offence again... The protection barrier is really looking good though, I'm hoping though we're to see something like that in the near future where someone else has that, if not as strong, slightly weaker {2000 protection points or something like that}. That's a helluva wonderful Random Skill!
• Looks like she's ready to send souls to the Abyss? Dancing all over their graves while the person who made the wish is laughing?!? Nice! The name suits the art work well & That's not all, the Energy Boost is great too & I could see that floating around as a lead on some weaker or other Battlegrounds in the near future. The Healing Spirit is wonderful, just wish the percentage was higher because that 2500 can spell the difference between living & dying in some Battleground Dungeons.
• Give me your Energy... Give me your Aura, Give me your Essence... Let me crystallize all of you inside these jewels & watch as your power is harnessed within the Core of you... I dunno I'm just trying to put a story out lol! He's wonderful as a Djinn too just like the others before him. The Multiplier on the Random Skills should scale with the HP, beings 2x at full HP & 5x at HP< 20% because of the fact you're trying to control how "often" your Randoms Skills are triggered for the situation. We're all just waiting for him just like the others in his pack.
• Seems like Android 19 infected the way you had him designed? I dunno it is slightly influenced by him but that's just me personally. That's what I caught when I 1st saw this Djinn & he's nothing short of awesome on the way he's designed! Let's not open a Time Paradox Capsule with this Entity & Keep from working back in time. Just make sure you fall under 50% & you can ignore all Defence of Monsters? okay I'm cool with that. Wish the power of the Random Skill was more better, but in "better", I mean almost absolute in how many times it can trigger. 80% or something like that. I dunno...

Impressive Fighters so far. & I know they're more coming too. they're some missing numbers {now that I'm really paying attention to the numbers} in the Fighters Box so I'm wondering  who they belong to... Oh well, we do have 10 Starter Fighters so perhaps it would be for them? & Also I'm going to congratulate the Design Team on the Fighters, & the Skydoms Team in general for the awesome update on the Fighters. What if we wanted a different colour on the Starter we have, would it 1 day be reality? Also, because the 5 Crown Form maxes out at level 99, MUST we get them to Level 99 before we Evolve them to their 6 Crown form, or can we Evolve them at will once we get them to the 5 Crown Form?

New Fighters:

• Now I have my Lust...I hope I can snatch her up this time.. I'm really hoping I can get her. Which also means the Original Lust is going to get a 7 Crown Evolution while the Special Event Lust is going to remain a 6 Crown Girl. She's incredible though since she takes off the original Lust. Nice choice on Elemental.
• Sun Wukong will get an upgrade, while the Event Version stays the same, I'm already expecting that. so who ever got him, will be lucky in due time. Nice Trick on him though, actually looks really goofy looking & funny to be around lol!
• Awwe... Cute... so so cute... I can't even begin to say anything about them. it was funny what got there & this is the reason why I started to type the next 5. Had it not been for them, I would have ended this post early. Very cute...
• Kicking back & relaxing on the nice "Summer" day ya? Kinda got it a Season early... Beach Undine is nothing short of awesome & I'm glad I can get my Elemental here, but I would have expected her to show up on Summer... Oh well, I'm just surprised is all.
• Building what though...or is he busting something else? Steam Buster can never be trusted...but if he's building something, I wonder the story about his change of heart...after building a barrier between him & Celestial Palace with his very own self out in Inferno Volcano. Reaction could have been bumped up to Triple Strike instead of just that... my opinion though...

Okay I think I should be finished... No more New Fighters that'll get me to type more? Yeah I'm sure about that. So I should be ready to call it quits here. I'll have to rethink about the questions & Post them here when I remember. Thanks Fairies...~Glares at Design Team~
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I'll chime in here Smile  .  I think the Nordic fighters are among the most balanced so far. I disagree with your Odin statement. I can actually create a good team with Odin. Thor may be a risky fighter but I see no issue with him since his active skill is a 50% reduction. Sorta balances each other out if you use energy efficiently. I agree on the Hel issue. Overall I think the are good fighters compared to others.. and wouldn't mind rolling I wasn't on the fence about leaving.

I may get hate for this but I am against these nomads..well in PvP. Some fighters are just overkill in pvp. I can see it now;  stunners ,a Djinn nomad, and damage reduction combo teams..haha . Other than that they are pretty cool
The Djinns are absolute killers if you're running Mono-Color Teams... That's a fact right now.
Odin is actually really nice when you're playing to his strength. Just kinda wish it was more. I dunno, i like Attack as much as I like health & the like. Perhaps just me. but 2.25x HP & EP is nothing to scarf at when you've got pretty good defence & offence to boot.
I like the Norse Gods & Goddesses. In our game, the one we play more, The Odins are split into 3, and Hel is farmable. Like Guan Yu is split into 2, while here he's farmable (however, the skills the 2 have are vastly different from what he has here).
Hel...I really hope she gets something good, or we're going to be running a fighter without anything to help her do damage, unless we're talking Turning the gems into those 2, & using the Monk & Amazon to shift the gems to Shadow, which is good if you're considering the fact that THEN Hel is the Lust equal
I don't hate you, I think if used right, the Djinn Nomads are absolute game changers this time. And they're going to help people get through lots of stages if you're talking about New Horizon as well.
If posted in this color, it is Zayla.
You're your own Angel & Devil. Always know that you control your Destiny, nobody else.
If posted in this colour, it is Ritchie
Odin is a pretty good fighter. I would've thought his captain skill would be stronger. I'm just not a fan of it being 1.5x. 3x would be way too strong for this game, so I would've settled right @ 2x, but that's only .5 stronger than the devs already made him. Lol 2.25x would've been awesome, Zaylie!

Hello is a pretty good fighter, but as usual her skills have a general description. I'd like to know if her captain skill wouldn't allow you to charge your health @ all. Then I'd like to know how the colors will appear on the board when she changes them to elemental/ war. Half/ half, cheer pattern, striped...???

Zaylie. You be going off the chart when you reply sometimes. Djinn a.k.a genie dragons...?!?! Lmfao! Djinn is just Arabic and means genie. I didn't really understand your 2nd post with the 2 of ya going back/ forth with the input. Hahaha
A$$ or grass is the ONLY way you're rolling with me. I get my own $$$

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okay perhaps would it be better we split up from time to time? If that's the case, then I'll give it some time where he will post, then I will post after.

I would usually insert this, but I forgot this time. Don't butcher me dammit! Lmao!

Wait...Djinn Dragons have been tried in Social Empires. But they're only 2 of them. I think Ritchie might be getting the idea from there.
If posted in this color, it is Zayla.
You're your own Angel & Devil. Always know that you control your Destiny, nobody else.
If posted in this colour, it is Ritchie
Hey guys, we did some rebalance work during beta and now it's updated in the Wikia.
Alright. I'll be lurking there very soon.
If posted in this color, it is Zayla.
You're your own Angel & Devil. Always know that you control your Destiny, nobody else.
If posted in this colour, it is Ritchie
The Norse gods are beautiful. Thank you.
I haven't used mine yet, but it looks as though Hel turns gems purple and red... was it different in beta?

Overall, the new fighters are awesome. The designs are crazy good. I'm sure I'll find a use for all of them.
On Wikia Hel was supposed to turn Gems to Red and Green, in game it was corrected as well as in the Wikia as well. I'm thinking the things were just placeholders until the real things were to be added, which then makes me wonder if Shadow and Elemental means she is going to get that on her Evolution, or perhaps her 7 Crown evolution?

I have to change my main post but I don't have the time right now. I'm trying to work on stuff & I don't have the help right now because of things that happened this weekend. When I can, I'll change it but right now, with the added & Fixed info in the Wikia, I'm in dire need to change it up. I'll be there to so do, but not now.
If posted in this color, it is Zayla.
You're your own Angel & Devil. Always know that you control your Destiny, nobody else.
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