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How does Strich works?
So i've recently evolved my Strich into a multicolor 'Elemental Nightmare Strich',and noticed that his red attack is much weaker than the purple one. In his current level (56) his strength is 1412, so why is the red attack is so weak? Aren't the two colors supposed to attack with the same strength? Confused
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Bicolor attack distribution might be 66.67% to 33.33% for the bicolor. In other words, primary element (Shadow) deals 2/3rds of the full damage, while the weaker, secondary element (Fire/Elemental) deals 1/3rds. Not really sure about it though, as I don't own a bicolor fighter.
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100% and 30% Respectively. Shadow attacks at its full strength, while Elemental attacks with 30% of its full power. I had Margot at Level 1 when I got her 6 Crown Form and the numbers were pretty accurate. 100% and 30%.
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Well, this sucks.... Thanks for the info
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