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Nerf Boss Skill "Extra Hit" or rebalance PVP !
Good evening Developers,

do you even test your things you do ? sorry i am gonna be rude !

I have  Leonidas as Captain and 4 Legendaries in team and any lvl 50 Egypt God with 70% Defender Bonus and 50% Boosted hits me for 27.000 and 13.500 on his main turn in my fcking face.......... did you know it or tested it yourself by bringing boosters and 50% extra hit every turn for that kind of legendaries...!?
I was so happy about getting Thor.. but even with his 50% dmg reduction is USELESS. instead of 40k you get only 20k in the face. And i bet you know after lv 200 is Stamina and Energy capped..i have some 19.3xx HP and get only 30 Hp each lvl...hmhm i guess maybe next year i would survive 20k hits by 50% reduction...

I gave up all my other legendaries that dont give 2x Defense because you dont even manage to kill 1st Defender that is maxed out ! I dont even mind that every 3rd Arena fight i start with only max 2 energy stones..then you can just leave arena...well thats another story, not so bad.

Just look in top 20 champions league some people that started this year already at chill mode in top 10 or 20 because of that 1 Skill. All they do now is attack players who dont have these legendaries on boss line and voila...3300+ Points

I dont mind they have such luck but hey this now NOT BALANCED anymore. I am skilled player and play since August 2015 i have managed to beat any Defense but now not anymore. This sick boosts and extra hits is just TOO MUCH.

I dont know how you design clan wars but this direction will only satisfy small group of players...

I love this game and i have spent a lot of money already and got a lot of legendaries too but all useless you know. yes i love pvp too

I had to take time for this and let it out for hope that some change will happen in any kind of way...
I want to gut PVP as it is & start anew with a whole new fresh ideas & stuff like that. Because of reasons like this, is why I want to make something better for PVP, which would help balance it out. I need tons of help though because I am only looking at the face value, & if after Level 200 the Energy & HP is capped, then there's no reason to even level up past 200 anymore. Which also ultimately means that there's also a bigger need of that 25K HP & 15K EP by level 200 thing. I'm going to start to speed up on it & Hopefully have the draft out by the middle of the week. & I'm infuriated about something else too & I'm going to work on those 2 things 1st before I forget them.
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I agree with you, Sesshomaru; the Extra Hit Boss Skill is too powerful. In comparison to all of the other Boss Skills we have right now, Extra Hit is bar far the best one - & by "best" I mean the most powerful. I think it is too strong.

Now, assuming the stats on the Wikia are current...

The closest comparison I can make is Isis, Goddess of Health & Furious Aries. Both are Red Fighters, both attack every 3 turns, & both have relatively similar Defender Stats (Isis is just a tad better across the board). Isis has Extra Hit. Aries, however, has: "Removes all disintegrator Red Gems every turn." Hardly comparable Skills. Isis is obviously better.

There is little the player can do against an Egyptian God's onslaught - the player is limited on the team that they can use to challenge an Egyptian God. Not so much so with a Fighter like Aries. For example, since Aries does not damage the player each turn, the player has the option of building up a Protection Barrier over a couple of turns to help them survive the massive attack. With the Egyptian Gods, however, you only get one turn to put up a shield (due to the constant damage from Extra Hit), & the average player likely does not have enough Life to survive even with that Barrier (especially without the aid of a Captain Gluttony or Minotaur, or other Life boosting Fighter). So what can you do? You have to have a very specific team to take on an Egyptian God, otherwise, loss is overwhelmingly likely. A big part of the Extra Hit overpoweredness is the fact that it also applies to ALL other stages. Stage 1 Extra Hits are deadly, depending on the Defender. Players will often lose to Stage 1 because of a too-powerful Defender aided by Extra Hit.

Extra Hit is too powerful at 50% on its own, especially given the addition of the new Defender Boosters potions, but to have it affect EVERY STAGE is just overkill.

What I recommend is a simple drop in power. If it is going to affect every stage, the power needs to be dropped. Somewhere around 25%-35%. If we look at Shadow Dragon, its Boss Skill gives all Purple Fighters a 25% Boost in Attack - that Skill is tough enough on its own! If the Extra Hit should apply only to the Boss itself, then the percentage should be higher, around 40% or so, perhaps.

Dropping the damage amount should help to balance out the Egyptian Gods.


As a side note:
Defender Boss Skills are still a very new addition. There are balance issues that still need to be ironed out. It is growing, & as it grows, things will need to change & adjust. There is A LOT to consider when balancing Boss Skills for Defenders - there are many factors that play into the power of these Boss Skills. I believe that these Boss Skills are still in the "testing phase" right now. The Devs seem very ambitious, taking on so many projects at once; but I wish them luck on all of their endeavours! We're all working together here!

Sorry for the lengthy post!
Quinn you speak out of my heart ! You exactley said detailed everything i wanted to , but my english skills are capped Smile

Again i can not add much and Devs might have multiple new things and features want to implement but

ignoring issues we give feedback to and want to hear some statement from official side !

I could count on my fingers how many active people are visiting forum and take part in disscusions and so on, who "waste" their time... but hundreds out there dont give a .... about forum or even dont know about it.

Besides that i hope, yes i really hope for the future of Skydoms that the upcoming PvP fight enhancement (that we already have in PvE) will not be the solution for these impossible not-to-win fights. pvp is skill not p2w.
We'll do a gradual rebalance before Clan Wars, starting with the egyptians.
Alex, will any of the fighters get the ability to" resist stun"?
Totally agree on nerfing the Egyptians, I may have mentioned this in other posts on this forum but I have an Osiris but I'm currently not using it as my boss because I feel it takes the fun out of the game. However, it grinds my gears to see those players who abuse those Egyptian gods attacking my PVP (and winning). If there were only an option to SELECTIVELY target players on PVP list to face certain defender builds, then it would be awesome. Like, selectively choosing the top players of champions league who use Egyptian gods as Boss to face my Egyptian god Defender (have a taste of their own medicine) while allowing other non-selected players to face a PVP boss who doesn't have that OP of a boss skill.

This may be more work than it's worth since the developers are currently working on balancing out the PVP.
Soo just because you can't beat Egyptian gods battleground you think they should be nerfed?. You attack someone everyday then once they use this defense and you lose to them you suddenly turn self righteous about it even though you had one yourself. Ha okay...

Pvp should be RANDOM. Not segregated. If you're afraid to attack someone in your league then maybe you don't belong in that league. Players are afraid of losing so no one ever attacks besides the same 3-4 people. I'll gladly give up my Egyptian God for a fighter who has the ability to resist stun(since everyone has a Medusa now) ...

Everyone hates losing but why have a batteground that everyone can beat? Losing in defense upsets me more than me losing when I attack someone. Fighters are constantly growing stronger. Our battleground should also adapt to fit the changes.
Odin, I do take on top players sometimes and I do have the ability to win. It just takes me much MUCH longer to defeat their PVP by sacrificing offense for health to survive first-turn OP-ness. As you've said, fighters are becoming stronger, but that first turn KO doesn't even allow for a chance to fight back. Literally, if you don't have 3 energy gems on the first turn, you're toast despite using defensive oriented captain skills. So the PVP meta literally shifted to more Luck than skill dependent. And yes, stun resist effect should be an added effect for a boss skill. Maybe limit the extra attack or stun-resist to ONLY the Boss level. That should fix all OP-ness.
Odiin now imagine Developers bring new changes where Top 10 Players get like 10 Diamonds.. 10-20 Places 5 Diomands and lesser places as always 3 Diomands... wouldnt you be pissed when you literally has no chance to beat egypt Bosses only because you cant handle high amount of damage like 30-40k Hits.

what speaks against when good players with strong teams and know how can beat anyone ? this motivates only to play forward and not only loses in a row due extra hits or 2 energy by the start, thunder already mentioned..

active players should be rewarded and not passive

(04-13-2016, 02:48 PM)Alex Wrote:  We'll do a gradual rebalance before Clan Wars, starting with the egyptians.

Thank you for response.

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