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Nerf Boss Skill "Extra Hit" or rebalance PVP !
That helps some of the fire. Thanks Alex.
If posted in this color, it is Zayla.
You're your own Angel & Devil. Always know that you control your Destiny, nobody else.
If posted in this colour, it is Ritchie
I am in the top 10 asshole., Maybe you guys should just get better. You have to be active to stay on the top, you only get 1-6 trophies per win anyways for god-sakes. I'm use to playing without a stunner, so I conditioned myself to get attacked every time and comeback from it. I had no issue with the Egyptian gods!  Angry
ha your one of these bobs... chilling in top10 and attacking players 200 points under about you attack equals ? you won´t because you will lose and lose 14-16 points..

earlier before this extra hit free win boss i was actually able to hold my ass in top 10 BY being active and attacking top 10 players too. no the way you do now..just scum

whats your ingame name ?
Chilling? Ha. You're one of the guys scared to attack "top players" because it's "too hard". I attack ANY and everyone who attacks me. Point blank, and most are above your ass. I don't lose to the gods. It is easy. Kill it before it kills you. Just because you're not "skilled" enough to do so doesn't mean others are equally as bad.  
But hey, it's easier now.. No need to cry anymore about how "hard" the battlegrounds are. feel free to climb back up the ranks with that "skill" you claim to have. Let me guess, that "skill" is you using a medusa and a damage reduction fighter to slowly kill someone, right?  Tongue  Tongue  Wink  Wink

What do you have to lose? only 1-10 trophies? But if you win you'd get 25-30 trophies. If you win 4-8 times using that "skill" of yours, you'd be back on top. Even though rank means NOTHING in champions. You get NOTHING for being on "top" except more attacks. You don't even get medals for wining in defense.  

There is no Champions 1,2, and 3. Just a Champions league. If you hate "top players" attacking or you are afraid to attack others then you don't belong in champions. I don't see how half of you are even in champions with this mentality. Oh yeah, most of you cheated to get up here and the rest couldn't do so without using a lot of diamonds  Big Grin .. very skillful right there  Wink  
Interesting arguments on both sides, let's tone it down a bit regarding name callings since this is a forum for players of all ages. Before the advent of boss skills/boosts, the highest rank in Titanium 1 was stuck at around 2900 trophies for quite a while and it's close to impossible to get past that since almost anyone in Titanium 1 can defeat each other's pvp. (This is before boost or boss skills), so I'll admit that I've used diamonds to get into champions back then. It is also fair game that you had great luck in rolling Egyptian gods and are ussimg it as a boss in pvp. And one can also say you used diamonds to buy fighters (with great luck on the fighters machine) to improve your pvp the same way I used diamonds to rank up. Both methods are considered "cheating" in the eyes of those players who dont spend a bit of money on the game. It's a game and every player has their own personal methods/choice in playing however they want. But, like ALL games, if ONE certain item (in this case, a boss skill) changes the entire game play/tilts the meta, it's considered OP and needs to have a limit placed on it. Hope that's a fair enough explanation as to why Egyptian gods are getting nerfed.
Excuse me, but the name calling is not needed. Even though I've or we've never touched Champions league, I am still having my tush kicked in Titanium. So it'll be nice that you don't get on your high horse and start making it seem as if you're superior to everyone else. It's just a game and it deserves to be fair. If people really want to make it more fair, the PVP Remastery that Ritchie cooked up (so unplanned too) would help the most people. I think the answer to the whole thing is there and it you all would TRY to promote it to get the Devs to actually consider it (and make a Beta Testing section of PVP to allow his PVP to be tested by players for 1 month) before trying to shoot each other down, it'll work much better. I'm in deep favor of his PVP, not only because he's fixing it overtime, but because it is more balanced and can cover more bases overtime as more Boss Skills are revealed. So try helping him out instead of cursing and insulting each other. I'm in for peace and fun, not frustration and name calling.
If posted in this color, it is Zayla.
You're your own Angel & Devil. Always know that you control your Destiny, nobody else.
If posted in this colour, it is Ritchie

All that i can said is: If i not be killed in the first round, with one hitted cos egyptian gods, i won all of my attack. Why? Cos i can hit around 800k-1mil from every fighter in one round. Dont have a stunner, but why i need that? Kill or you will be killed.
But the most important thing, Egyptian gods is OP as everyone said.
I have 3 Japenese gods in my battlegrounds, My last with boost, hit around 40k/round + multi hit boss skill, but that cant compare to them.
I have two ideas for letting be fair the pvp:

1.: Egyptian gods give only extra hit dmg chance, also extra Dmg% is higher for main color, and less for second, to same color fighters as he is. I Know this is only a little nerfs, but its an important nerf!

2.: The first fighter in PVP ALWAYS needs to attack +1 turn als his normal. 1 turn attackers needs 2, etc. Thats helps alot to survive an instant KO defenders, cos Egyptian gods.

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