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PVP Revamp Suggestion {Pt:1} (UNOFFICIAL)
More edits have been listed & Part 2 is out now.
If posted in this color, it is Zayla.
You're your own Angel & Devil. Always know that you control your Destiny, nobody else.
If posted in this colour, it is Ritchie

I just ask you to what will be happen with my 7 star JAPENESE gods?
I'm actually using 3 in my battleground. All of them give 2x HP for japenese fighters.
When i can use only one of them, then i really thinking about to stop this game.
I play from almost the beginning, and lot of things happens, but it will be the worst and rudest thing u can do with me.
It tooks really mouch time and energy to upgrade them to 7 star, and also level up them to 50...
HOW will it be FAIR?
They dont give dmg, dont give any OP thing, only 2x LIFE...
Can u rebalance your rules to not kill my whole defense?
Or i misunderstound something?
"• • With the introduction of Dual Coloured Fighters, You can have them only as a Boss inside your Battleground. A Perk will also allow for Players to have Dual Coloured Fighters as normal Battles too."

Best Regards!
The game is no longer being worked on. There is nobody to make changes bud. Sad to say because it's one of the few games I really still enjoy.

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