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multi colors
Can you please explain the new multi colors to me.
I can't seem to find any links that explain it all.
Ive got most of the ones you need but cant evolve them. Now that said i do realize i dont have them to 99 yet or the materials needed but they dont even have the option to do it when i do get there. So please can you explain the how, what & why for me.
Im lost please help me.
Multicolor fighters act as a dual color fighter.

They have a 'primary' color and a 'secondary' color. This only affect on the raw damage done, as the primary color represents almost 70% of the attack damage on his stats.

Both colors behave separately and they won't attack until you match them.
But if there are Skill that force the fighter to attack (i.e. 'war fighters attack if energy is matched') he'll attack with both colors.
I too was a little curious about the nuances of the Multi-colour Fighters. Thanks for the response, Alex! It clears some things us about the Dual-School Fighters. I was especially curious about the damage distribution between the two colours.

Brett, the Evolution of the Multi-colour Fighters is treated just the same as any other Fighter - once the Fighter is at Max Level (Lv. 99), & you have all of the required Evo Material, you can then proceed to the Evolution page & Evolve them. Be sure you have your Fighter at Max Level & that you have the correct Evo Materials required for an Evolution - remember, the new Bi-colour Fighters make use of some the new Evo Material like Plants, Dual Wisps, & the new Chests.

Could you please elaborate a little more on what you mean by: "they dont even have the option to do it when i do get there." ? Do you mean that you cannot view the Evo Page for your Fighters? You should be able to view that page even if the Fighter is not ready to Evolve.
One of my clan members just asked this question and the confusion was based on the full 6 crown icon. There does not appear to be an icon for seven crowns so even though the crowns on the fighter card are all filled the Evo window still functions normally.
Ouch Alex I always was wondering why the attacks from them were so widely off…it is now split between the 2 Schools? I was always under the impression that it was 100% and 30%, as I'm very used to that from other games. Ritchie pointed it out to me but I thought it was just him imagining things as when he first evolved Margot, it was perfectly understandable that her Sub School did 30% of her Attack Power, but Mech also being reduced? Then that's not too much more powerful than I thought…
If posted in this color, it is Zayla.
You're your own Angel & Devil. Always know that you control your Destiny, nobody else.
If posted in this colour, it is Ritchie
If you want to check the attack values you can add them alone in a team and below you'll see the color attack distribution.
I get that Alex, but what really got me thinking was when I kept using the Active Skill & it always came up "Short" to what my calculations was. Which when I asked her about it, she dismissed it thinking I was just making up stuff. But I'm going to ask you & the whole team now:
25770 Primary but it is reduced now to 18039
7731 Secondary but it is locked now to 7731
{Transmute Outworld Margot's Drilling Hit Duo Active Skill numbers there}
Why...? I can't even comment here anymore because we all {player base} was shot in the foot & we "didn't feel it" until someone asked a question & pretty much confirmed that the Primary School's Attack Strength was reduced to compensate for them being Dual Coloured...~Sighs~
I also don't want to go off topic so I'm keeping my answer short.
If posted in this color, it is Zayla.
You're your own Angel & Devil. Always know that you control your Destiny, nobody else.
If posted in this colour, it is Ritchie
Ritchie, being starter fighter, we wanted to give them a slight boost and not to make them near-legendary relevant fighters for late game.
The Active Skill damage was increased from 10.930 (only mech) to 18.039 mech + 7.731 transmute (25.770 total), that's a significant difference. Don't hestitate to ask more questions that could help solve doubts about the new bicolors.
Here is some more information about the Bi-colour Fighters that I have discovered (if any of this information is incorrect, please correct me!):

Bi-colour Fighters have a Primary School & a Secondary School. The Attack value is split between these two Schools (as Alex has just informed us above). But, being Dual School Fighters, they count as both Schools for most applications. For example: Cyclops' Bi-colour Schools are Green (primary) & Yellow (secondary). Since Cyclops is both Green & Yellow, Attack boosting Skills (Captain & Active) will affect both colours. So, if Cyclops is on a team with a Margot Captain, her Captain Skill of boosting Yellow attack, will affect Cyclops, even his Green attack! Both attacks will be boosted by any attack boosting Skill, even if that boost's colour is not matched. With Margot as Captain with a Cyclops on the team, even when matching Green Gems, Margot's Captain Skill will still boost Cyclops' Attack, because he is considered a Yellow (& Green) Fighter. So keep that in mind! Same would go for a Steam Buster's Active Skill, it would also boost Cyclops' Green attack.

Also, Skills that give advantages to certain colours will affect both colours of a Bi-colour Fighter. For example: Naga's Bi-colour Schools are Blue (primary) & Shadow (secondary). Anubis has a Captain Skill that allows all Purple Fighters to penetrate 100.000 of enemy shield. Since Naga is now both Blue & Purple, Anubis will allow her attacks to penetrate the enemy's shield - even her Blue attacks!

Here's another thing you may not have noticed... Occasionally one of the quests of the Daily Mission will require a player to Level-up a Fighter of a certain colour ("Level-up a Red Fighter 6 times"). Well, since Bi-colour Fighters count as both schools, if you need to Level-up a Red Fighter, you can Level-up the Bi-colour Hydra, & will count towards that quest, since Hydra is now both Purple (primary) & Red (secondary).

I also have a theory that Frogs will treat a Bi-colour Fighter's Secondary School as if were the Primary School & give the Fighter "full value" of exp. for that colour, but I have not been able to test that as of yet.

Those are a few things that I have noticed about Bi-colour Fighters. But I am sure that there is more. Hope this info helps shed some light on these new Fighters!
It is already confirmed Quinn, we do that all the time on Bicolor Fighters. So you don't have to test it. Bicolor Fighters get full experience even if you use the secondary color to match the frogs. I did that with Trixy when we had a deep sea of War Frogs and Toads to get her up to 99 quickly while I had nothing for Red.
If posted in this color, it is Zayla.
You're your own Angel & Devil. Always know that you control your Destiny, nobody else.
If posted in this colour, it is Ritchie

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