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ANNOUNCING the Skydoms Character Spreadsheet
Ask and ye shall receive! (As always, sorry for the delays.)

The spreadsheet is now updated as of 10/22/2016.  The links, again, are below.


I want to address a growing problem.  The full version of the spreadsheet, with pictures, has become unwieldy.  There are SO many picture files, that a basic sort can take my not-too-shabby system a couple of minutes to complete.  Easy sorting is one of the main functions this spreadsheet is supposed to provide.

The non-picture spreadsheet sorts instantaneously.  But it's just not as useful to me, without the pictures as references.

I'm considering adding a batch-convert of the picture files -- shrinking their file size without shrinking their viewable dimensions -- to see if that improves matters.  I may do another upload this weekend, if this works.  It will have a side benefit of dramatically shrinking the spreadsheet size as well.

CLICK HERE to download Skydoms Character Spreadsheet WITH pictures (~8MB)

CLICK HERE to download Skydoms Character Spreadsheet WITHOUT pictures (~350KB)
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Thank you very much Berek! I find this spreadsheet extremely helpful.

I've also created a Couple pages (based on your spreadsheet). One page is a list of all my fighters...I just cut and paste them from your fighters page. I also have a second page which lists all of the Evo Materials I need to evolve my fighters. While I'm probably not going to get all the needed Evo Materials and store them until needed, it helps me know what I need so I don't save an overabundance of easily obtained items (like sprouts, plants, ruined chests, etc).

If you guys are interested, I will make my modifications to the spreadsheet available to all of you.

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