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Unanticipated PVP problems
Soooo... strictly hypothetically speaking...

Suppose someone was pretty close to as high in the PVP leagues as he was presently able to maintain.  Any higher, and he just wasn't able to win any (offensive) arena fights.

Then suppose he got a tad clever and a LOT lucky, and built a Pretty Good Battleground himself.

Now he was winning an impressive number of DEFENSIVE fights -- enough that he was suddenly skyrocketing out of his ability to win any OFFENSIVE fights (and thus, collect his needed ten wins every two weeks).

What exactly should such a person DO, in this situation?  Given that we only collect gems and medals for OFFENSIVE wins, are we forced to nerf our own battlegrounds -- intentionally lose defensively, so we stay in a lower league where we can win offensively?

I -- I mean, my hypothetical person -- would really hate to do that...

Thanks for any thoughts...
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But the higher the league means higher the prize and diamond earns yes? The more you earn, the faster chance you obtain those powerful PVP legendaries as the redeem prize.
Hi Berek, hypothetically speaking you might strategize to be in the lower league most of the two weeks and then amp up your defense on day 12 or so to collect the higher league reward.

But you get the most medals from daily offense so don't be afraid to fill your battleground with cuddly bunnies and a circus monkey to bring those wins within reach. Not that I have ever done that....
Then, of course, there is the Epic Clan War to consider (though my bunnies are doing incredibly well on defense --- go, cuddly bunnies!!)

In fact, I have the same problem. My solution is to just keep stuffing frogs. What else can we do?
joy has it right, you don't get medals for defensive wins so stick to a level you can manage for attacking and strengthen for rewards and clan wars. The difference between each battle reward is highest between t-3 and champions. The former being 39 and the latter is 50. by that you can attack 8 times a day resulting in 4360 to 5600 each 14 day period, not much difference when you consider the win ratio on top of that
Thanks, Mel! Good point!
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Still, I am trying to build a 50-point slug.

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