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Epic of Gilgamesh nomad information thread
Suddenly, level 2 with 22m hp and base attack starting over 12k every turn with my defense. Skills as usual, both energies, stronger hit dealing to me ~13,5k (HA HA OH WOW, SO MUCH STRONGER THAN HIS REGULAR), probably multihit, don't know, didn't feel like spending gems. And it's literally the only way, since even with chinese counterattackers you just get too drained to react and you have twice the hp of nomads before him to take down. Yeah, no. So we're going from "fighters for skilled players" to "fighters for rich players". Wake me up when premium accounts get added.
Does a huge 4x multi hit for 12k damage and does it every freaking attack. I spent my last 60 stamina on this stupidity. What a waste of a day's stamina. I'm not willing to spend my last diamonds on a fighter designed to farm diamonds from players.
It caught me by suprise at how much hp it had when I got to it at stage 2. Luckily, I use those PVE boosters that boost defense, energy and attack along with a yellow team to defeat it. No diamonds used.
I used my best available boosts, yellow team, still got 1 shot in every time and got killed on the first round. I landed a hit for 20mil on my first attack and didn't continue because I was sure the one hit death was just a fluke. 4 tries later and he used his insta death hit every dang time.
Soooo is Humbaba coming today or are there delays?
He was announced for today on the Facebook page. Should be showing up shortly
4.2 million hps for tier 1. He did 1 energy to mech conversion and that's all I got to see of his skills. Hits every turn and stun resistant as usual.
Tier 2: 18 million hp 7k shields. Energy to mech and energy hit and a big hit that took most of my health bar but he wasn't as nasty about using his skills as Gugalanna was. It took me a couple of tries to get him with a big enough combo. Tough fight and a fun challenge.

Good luck all
So that concludes the Epic of Gilgamesh Nomads. These guys were incredibly tough and even with all the levels I have gained, the skills and levels my fighters have gained, and a decent measure of improvement on my skills, they were just at the edge of my ability.

I didn't catch the blue or the red but added 3 powerful fighters (Ishtar, Gilgamesh, and Humbaba) with a nice, low cost,gem reroll skill to my arsenal.

I very much enjoyed this group except for Gugalanna and his overzealous use of the insta kill quad hit. They were the perfect level of challenge!
Wish I could handle the second tier but all the diamonds in the world would not have helped me with this round. The HPs were way higher than the last set. I got Humbaba from level 1 and that's all. I was able to defeat them all but just want having any luck on the drops.

I appreciated the heads up everyone gave on HPs, skills and abilities. These threads have me a chance to know what I was facing and cater my team a bit.

I hope you guys keep the info coming for the next set.

I would love to know who got a drop in tier 1 and how many times it took to get it.

Until the next round....Cheers!

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