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Can't catch a double wisp!
I am positively fuming right now! For weeks I have been getting positively obliterated in the Tuesday mist trying to get a double wisp, any color will do, I have characters, ready to evolve, that could use any one. I finally gave in and used real, hard-earned money to buy gems so I could continue and capture one of these. So what happens, I continue, using gems to the end and capture ZERO wisps. I captured nothing, not even a lower wisp! Has this happened to others? Does this happen often? Is it because I had to continue to get to the end? What a waste! ?
Ooo, that is not fun. I am very sorry that that happened to you - it is very frustrating to spend that much Stamina & get nothing at all.

I imagine that it is very VERY rare to catch absolutely nothing. It is happened to me before, but that was on a bi-weekly Island, Elemental Fortress I think it was... But last week I played the Tuesday Mist & only received one Double Wisp.

I hate to say it, but you may not be ready to take on the Dual Wisps - they are quite the challenge! They have high shield & pretty high life. If you have the right Fighters, they are not so bad, but if you go in without a strategy, you can get burned. I favour Fighters with the ability to Disarm enemies, to completely ignore their armour. Fighters like Cancer, Minotaur, Hades, & even the Halloween Frankenstein can work very well. If you can build up enough attack power, Fighters like Anubis can work as well; he will allow you to ignore most of their shield. If you don't have any of these Fighters, try looking for Friends that use these Fighters as Captains. It will make Wisp hunting - & many other materials besides - much less stressful.

There are a few threads here on the Forum that discuss some Dual Wisp strategies, though I don't have the links right now. Perhaps you could search for them.

Sorry for your luck. I hope it improves!

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