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Session expired, unable to login
yep same login bug again
Still cannot log in due to error. Any explanation please?
Explanation? From these Dev's. Apparently they contact one person who has a problem, tell them they are working on it, and then forget about it.
I had to send several messages and one of them wasn't nice and that's when they responded. They gave no name on the email either. I dunno but what I do know is I'm about over playing this game because of this ?
This problem was fixed for 24 hours, then war started and couldn't log in again. I downloaded the game on another device, and it say I don't exist. I emailed from that device and got no response. I've tried to stay positive about all the problems, but my patience is wearing thin too. Please get this fixed for real this time!!!!
Since last tuesday i
can't play the game...same error..session expired..what do i have to do..i tried everything i unninstalled the app 10 times and still not working ..please help!!
oturum süresi doldu teklar giriş yapmak istiyorum hata verıyor
(01-17-2017, 09:16 AM)alexsadra Wrote:  oturum süresi doldu teklar giriş yapmak istiyorum hata verıyor
hele şukur be sonunda oyuna ballandım entermax destek ıstedım cozduler
It's working now..thanks guys!!!
oturum sona erdı çikiş yaptınız uyarısı alıyorum nezaman duzelır

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